Do you like the McLaren 675LT Spider “Carbon Series”? We have a bad news…

McLaren has released a new special edition, a McLaren 675LT Spider loaded with carbon fiber, even more, to which they have christened as McLaren 675LT Spider “Carbon Series”. As we tell you will be limited to only 25 units, although, if you’re not already in the list, we have a bad news to give you…

Yes, as you may have guessed the 25 units are already owner. Has just been announced and its arrival into the world is with the poster of “sold out” already hung up.

The first units will begin production in the fall, they will be delivered before the end of the year, and no, McLaren has not announced the price who have had to shell out the 25 lucky.

This special edition comes incorporating numerous new elements in carbon fiber, with special attention to all the aerodynamic appendages incorporated. In addition we have replaced certain parts by other developed of carbon fiber, like the hood.

Mechanically the McLaren 675LT Spider “Carbon Series” is kept intact, with its revised V8 powered up to 675 horses, its 700 Nm of torque and their ability to bring the new Long Tail of up to 100 km/h from standstill in just 2.9 seconds.

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