The Fiat Punto 2017 will come soon to Brazil, Europe to keep waiting

Fiat Punto

Fiat Punto

Fiat has always been a brand a specialist in making small cars. Their urban and urban micro (500, Panda and Punto) have been the big sellers of the brand in many of the markets in which they are present, however the case of the Fiat Punto is the least funny. The current generation was released in the already distant year 2005 and after a decade has varied by three times their commercial name, but not its physiognomy, platform or security equipment and technology.

In these years many of its rivals have been renewed one or almost two times, but the urban Italian is exactly the same. However, it seems that the Point that is going to evolve in the coming year in some of the markets in which it is the brand. In Brazil, one of the most important markets of Latin America, the firm is going to launch next year a new Fiat Punto.

Fiat Punto

This new model has the internal code of the development X6H. With him, the firm wants to replace the Point and Pallium (local sale) and away from a little in size and positioning of the Mobi and Palio Fire (evolution of the Pallium that is also sold in Italy). For its manufacture will be based on the same platform used by the Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegade so that its modularity will be much greater than had until now this model.

According to Cars Segredo are already circulating mules test (you can see the photos at the source) is camouflaged to test this new Point. Regarding your design, we can already say that the shapes do not look like the one we have in Europe and move away a little of the who have up to now in Brazil. In terms of their range of mechanical, adapt thrusters designed specifically for this market.

The question that attacks us is how much time will it take to give a substitute as God sends the Point European? According to a source close to the brand the Fiat 500 (substitute Point), five-door should be presented this year but in the meantime, the current Point is sinking each time more in the lists of sales. we Hope that it will be sooner rather than later when it reaches this new iteration of the array 500.

Source – Car Segredo

Fiat Punto

From 11.780 euro