1.4 million Ford models they can leave the steering wheel “literally”

, One of the tasks of basic brands of cars is to ensure the safety of their customers, then by logic, and law, their models have to meet the highest security standards. Throughout history, virtually, all the firms have had to make calls to review to remedy problems in their models, being some of the most talked about Honda because of airbags Takata or the Volkswagen Group by pollutant emissions from their diesel engines EA189.

In this case, and not by a matter of trivial matter, who has been involved in a new call to review, of large proportions, has been Ford. According to press release, the signature blue oval, 1.4 million units models Fusion (our Mondeo in europe) and Lincoln MKZ, they can lose “literally” your flyers because of a problem related to the locking system.

The u.s. firm has encountered this situation after having knowledge of two accidents, that occurred in the united States, where at least one person suffered injury. Therefore, in a first moment the call for review will only take place in this country, although some of the units, both models, have also come to the markets Canada and Mexico, so it is likely that the call for review is extended to them also.

The affected units correspond to the Ford Fusion that have been manufactured in plants that the mark yankee in Michigan (united States) and Hermosillo (Mexico) from the year 2014 until 2017. In the case of the Lincoln MKZ are affected all the units that have been manufactured since the year 2014 up to our days, so that the brand has to check virtually all the production of the model.

For this reason, Ford has communicated to its customers that they have to pass through a service technician to check the fastening of the bolt that holds the steering wheel, and proceed to its replacement in the event of being affected. In any case, and even knowing that this call to review affects only the units sold in America, it is to be attentive to a possible revision in Europe, because we must not forget that the Fusion is a global model and in the Old Continent, the Mondeo has a good handful of clients.

Source – Ford

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