1 million people have opted for a Lexus hybrid

Lexus NX 300h híbrido 1 millón

This Lexus NX 300h is the Lexus hybrid 1.000.000

now 11 years old, Lexus took an important step forward that more than a decade after it has finished defining your brand image. In April 2005 was released the Lexus RX 400h, the first hybrid model of the brand. Since then, the hybrid models have been going up to the point that in some markets, many of the models of the brand are exclusively offered with mechanical hybrid. With the release of the current Lexus IS the brand took a decisive step, leaving the mechanical diesel and bet on hybrids.

At this time, have been 1 million customers who have opted for a vehicle Lexus hybrid. The unit of the million has been provided by Alain Uyttenhoven, president of Lexus Europe, to a client Italian, Aldo Pirronello, resident in Milan who opted for a Lexus NX 300h for its design and hybrid technology, this being their first drive of the Lexus brand.

Actual gama híbrida de Lexus en Europa

Current hybrid range from Lexus in Europe

Currently, Lexus offers 10 hybrid models and the Lexus GS is the only model in the world to offer two powertrains hybrid. This hybrid range that covers all segments are reached gradually with the passage of the years. The second hybrid model was the Lexus GS 450h in 2006, while the LS 600h made act of presence in 2007. The HS 350h (not marketed in Europe) was launched in 2009, while the Lexus CT 200h 2011 is one of the models more revolutionary for the brand, this is the first compact of the brand.

The Lexus IS 300h (not available in Europe) was the model that the japanese released in 2012, while in 2013 came the Lexus IS 300h, the first hybrid model in the range of this hatchback segment C, which was also accompanied by the GS 300h. In 2014 with the NX 300h the brand also premiered in a new SUV segment with a bet radically different to the trends of the market. The first hybrid coupe is the RC 300h, which has come to the market by the end of 2015. In 2017 it will be added to this extensive catalogue the Lexus LC 500h.

Lexus LC 500h

Lexus LC 500h, the jewel in the crown hybrid, for 2017

north America is the most important market for Lexus, accounting for more than 345.500 units. Europe and Japan are close with 237.500, and 225,000 units, respectively, while China, with 97,000 units, it is also a market each time more powerful. To be the most time consuming in the market with three generations hybrid, the Lexus RX is the hybrid model most sold, with 335.000 units. It is followed by the CT 200h with 267.000 units and IS 118.000.

Source – Lexus

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