1 of the 20 coveted Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is on sale for 3 million euros

What if you could get one of the most spectacular sporting Lamborghini has ever made in its history? While Lamborghini is one of those manufacturers that we are accustomed to have very limited editions or highly customized models, with the presentation of Lamborghini Sesto Elemento there was a stop. Only 20 units were made definitive as understood Lamborghini sports, and with a price of 2 million home you wore a prototype of just 999 kg and 570 hp. The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is the best we know how to manufacture Lamborghini, and now one of its 20 units is on sale for 3 million euros .


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Although apparently you can think you’re to little more than a Lamborghini Gallardo I recarrozado, take time to discover his greatness is not seen everything. E l Sesto Element project was born under the protection of Audi with the intention of applying it the best of the experience and technology of the Volkswagen Group in material , resulting in a long list of applications and techniques that allowed the coexistence carbon fiber, Kevlar, different reinforced polymers … a set at the height of the best competitions that allowed the Sesto Elemento get weighing just 999 kilograms . Less than a ton for Power V10 aspirated 5.2-liter , with a maximum power of 570 hp, 540 Nm of torque and capable of running 0-100 km / h in 2.5 seconds! and with a tip that flirts with 300 km / h.

lamborghini-sesto-elemento-060715-07 It was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 as show car would be very difficult to see the light is given the advanced technique. However Lamborghini decided to step into the very front announcing unexpected manufacture and sale of only 20 units , but yes, no possibility of receiving approval for road use and a prohibitive price of 2 million euros. Its sale was almost instantaneous ….

For sure we are looking at one of the Lamborghini that most will talk about at auctions in the coming years , because in the midst of a bubble to grow, collectors are dusting off their jewelry improvements record breaking profits. The first unit of the Sesto Elemento has already managed to reach 3 million euros, so it is not difficult to see another of these jewels of technology exceed that figure.


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