10 emblems of car brands that perhaps do not mean what they thought!

The car’s history is full of anecdotes, legends, and curiosities, many of which pertain to the emblems and the logos of the own brands of cars. The history that surrounds these brands has made that just one look at your emblem to recognize them, have been among us throughout life, and many have an impact and an interest so important that often transcend that of the own products manufactured by the own brand. But do you know what is its meaning? Much eye to these 10 emblems of car brands, because they may not mean what they thought it was…

1. Ferrari

Ferrari has, by far, one of the emblems more recognizable, you may have seen in a multitude of caps, t-shirts, and all kinds of merchandising, red cars and, sometimes, the least, in sports. Is there anything that conveys best the power and performance that a sports a prancing horse, a horse on its two hind legs? Well, that is not the reason why it became the emblem of Ferrari.

there Was a time, at the dawn of the competition and the foundation of the Scuderia Ferrari, in which the sporting careers of Enzo Anselmo Ferrari had a prancing horse. Until in 1923 it obtained a victory in the Circuit of Savio, where Enzo had the opportunity to know the Count Baracca, father of the aviator Francesco Baracca, a hero of the First World War. Baracca offered him a signed photograph of his son, who had died in the recent skirmishes of the Great War, and the possibility of use in their sports the horse on the fuselage identified the aircraft piloted by Francesco.


2. Porsche

But the horse of Porsche did you have any relationship with the power and performance of your sport, isn’t it? Either. The horse on a gold background, that we see in the center of the emblem of Porsche, is the symbol of Stuttgart, the cradle of Porsche. The shield of the fund is in addition to the coat of arms of the State of Württemberg-Hohenzollern, with the colors red and black, a historic state that was located in the area of French occupation after the Second World War.


3. Lamborghini

And what about the bull of Lamborghini? The explanation also has to do with the aspect of threatening which transmits a toro bravo. Ferruccio Lamborghini was born under the sign of Taurus, and to make matters worse, it was always a big fan of bullfighting. Which is why it is tradition that their sports receive the name of a bull famous, a livestock, or any symbology related with the bullfighting, as much as the first supercar, the Lamborghini Miura.


4. Mercedes-Benz

And what about the famous star of Mercedes-Benz? Although today it may seem obvious that a Mercedes-Benz has to show off a star, it wasn’t until the alliance between Daimler and Benz decided that this was the emblem in honor of Gottlieb Daimler, which as told to his wife in a letter dreamed of having a factory in which a huge star in the input simbolizase your prosperity. That same three-pointed star you would choose as the emblem of the brand, to symbolize the ambition of Daimler by the same universal, whether by “land, sea, or air”.


5. BMW

And what about the blades from BMW? Error. There are a few blades. In reality BMW chose the emblem is round, with a black border, in honor of the Rapp Motorenwerke from which sprang BMW, and that actually made planes. The “cheese” – white and blue interior are not more than the flag of Bavaria adapted to this shield. The reason why that even is interpreted to represent a blade is none other than a advertising of the late twenties, in which the emblem appeared drawn in the propellers of airplanes.


6. Volvo

And what does the circle with an arrow in the upper-right corner of the Volvo? Although it may seem so, it has nothing to do with masculinity, since this emblem is usually employed to represent the men. In fact, we are before one of the ideograms oldest of the western culture, who represented Mars in ancient Rome, and the most widely used metal in that time, the iron.


7. Audi

And what about the four rings of Audi? The four interlocking rings of Audi nor do they have to do with their performance, nor with the explanation that may have the emblem of the Olympic Games. The explanation is in the fact that, before fusing as Auto Union in 1932, Audi was the grouping of four companies: Horch, Wanderer, DKW and Audi.


8. Toyota

Effectively represents the T of Toyota, but what you have already found the three ovals of this emblem? The emblem current born at the end of the eighties, to commemorate the fifty anniversary of the brand, and seek an approach more international brand, which needed a modern logo, very recognizable, and powerful.

According to Toyota, the ovals inside represent the heart of the client, and the heart of the company, and are superimposed to represent the relationship of benefit and trust between them, while the oval outdoor represents to the world.


9. Chevrolet

The bow tie of Chevrolet nor would it be, effectively, a tie. Not even the brand itself has a very clear opinion. The explanation that for some time it gave was related to different experiences of one of its co-founders, William C. Durant. The most widespread, is that he chose this emblem of the pattern of the decor paper of the walls of a Paris hotel. The story includes Durant tearing off a piece of paper to take him to the united States and create its logo. His daughter recalls that he had seen his father do the same designing the logo in house while having dinner. His widow would say, even, that you found that emblem in an advertisement in the newspaper of the company Coalette.

has Also discussed the possibility that this bird, or this golden cross, represents the cross of the Swiss flag, where he was born Louis Chevrolet.


10. Alfa Romeo

what You haven’t noticed the snake eating a man in the logo of Alfa Romeo? In the left half of the emblem there is no doubt, is the crest of Milan. The curiosity of the right side, that I may not be too explicit in the emblem a modern Alfa Romeo, is that this snake, the “biscione” of the Visconti, of the nobility of milan, has a man entering through his mouth.

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