10 extras to make your new Porsche 911 a sporty… even more sporty

we Already have a new generation of Porsche 911 with us. A Porsche 911 which now has mechanical turbo, which is more powerful, more efficient. We hope eager to see alternatives to court more athletic, a new GTS, but while… why not take the catalog of Porsche and decorate our Porsche 911 Carrera S with a good list of ingredients more sports?

From a new exhaust to a driving course after you pick your car up at the factory in Leipzig:

The new Porsche 911 part from 107.653 euros, the variant Carrera S from 123.212 euros.

sport Seats type bucket: have a spectacular painting, and pick up the body of wonder. Is the key ingredient to give the interior of your new Porsche 911 that aroma to sports of truth, of the diehards. These forms, that support carbon fiber view… the price is 3.909 euros, 4.308 euros if you take it with the package memory.

PASM sport Suspension (-20 mm): the new Porsche 911 includes the suspension is adaptive within the envelope of the series, but you can always give a touch more sporty with this suspension optional. Lowers the height of the set at 20 mm and the price is 902 euros. If what you want can be associated with the Porsche Dynamic chassis Control, with its price then of 4,432 euros. If your garage has an entry route and choose the pneumatic system of elevation of the front axle (2.484 euro).

rear Axle directional: What we had seen in the “older brothers” of the family 911 and is now available in the Carrera S. More stability at speeds high and a better (and palpable) manibrabilidad in slow corners. The price is for 2.471 euros.


The Porsche 911 now has a power of 370 horses. The Career S of 420 horses.

brake System carbocerámicos: if you want to really stop comprehensive, you are going to make regularly sport driving and don’t have qualms in spending more than 9,000 euros on an extra you have to choose. Its exact price is 9.349 eur, will be distinguished from afar by the brake caliper yellow.

sports exhaust System: we were afraid of the sound of this new generation super-charged. Luckily, Porsche has done an excellent job and has achieved an excellent sound, especially if you go to the sports exhaust system. Its price is 2.863 eur and beyond for its sound you will recognize it by the two outputs central.

Sport Package Chrono: key. The part cycle and the response of the propellant becomes more of a sport, the suspension adaptive adopts adjustments more performance and the Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control improves the response of the 911 in sport driving. Is added to the mode Launch Control, the automatic change PDK works with a more effective response and we were met with a “manettino” steering wheel with which to be able to select different driving modes, including a button, the Sport Response, with the 911 to unleash its power. Of course, the stopwatch on the dashboard or the supports dynamic engine. Its price is 1.817 € 2.288 € if our transmission is the automatic gearbox PDK.


heated exterior Mirrors, SportDesign: among the options of the 911 Porsche has some mirrors cut more sports. Won’t fold electrically, but greatly improve the look. The price is 588 euros.

seat Belts in red: as we set exquisite… the price is 445 euros. Also got them in yellow.

Carbon for the interior: talking about giving a sporty approach to our 911 could not miss the carbon. By 1.752 euros you have inserts interior carbon in combination with natural leather while that by 1.111 euros more you can be accompanied by thresholds of the doors in carbon and illuminated.

Pick up the car in Leipzig… and driving course: the culmination of all this sports list of purchase puts the pick-up optional at the factory in Leipzig, including a visit to the factory, and a driving course. Its price is 1.288 eur.