10 images and 10 curiosities (sometimes surprising) that met this week

10 images and 10 curiosities, sometimes amazing, we met this week . A review of the most interesting of the week, since Operation Bikini Audi A4 to the last report of High Performance facing an BMW i8 and a Porsche 911. I count if true the news that we comes from the United States, a study that says that electric cars pollute more than gasoline, and reviewed a myth, I’ll save if I buy a diesel? We know more about the water injection BMW , we show the exclusive image of the first Tesla Supercharger in Spain and you count the benefits of diplomats in Spain (free parking, petrol tax, etc.) . Come with in this review of the week.

The release of the week was undoubtedly the new Audi A4. This week a new generation of this premium German sedan was introduced.

1. The Audi A4 appears to have not changed , but it has. Tearing his week with the presentation of a new generation of Audi A4 (see bottom of Audi A4 2015 ). And we stressed above all the fact that Audi continue betting on a continuity aesthetic line, which stops outside door has not changed from its predecessor, when in fact it is a completely new car. The best: its saving 120 kilograms. Now that’s an Operation Bikini!

Coche eléctrico

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2. pollutes an electric car than a gasoline car? . It is the conclusion we came to a study in the United States. Some economists – yes, some economists – reached this conclusion after analyzing the economic cost of pollution from combustion engines and energy production sources in energy networks in each state. But we disagree with them, and what you have in this article on pollution electric car.


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3. Why do not you will always save more by buying a diesel rather than a gasoline? you dismantle a new myth, that save for buy a diesel, because this spending less. [1.99901 million]

Inyección de agua BMW

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4. Injecting water in the engine is the future BMW . It’s no joke and makes sense. BMW is very serious, and the injection of water is more than a marketing gimmick for the MotoGP Safety Car. This week we showed how this technology will work on a BMW Series 1 and tell you more about the technical intricacies of technology, that of water injection BMW very may soon reach its production models. [1.99901 million]

Supercharger Girona

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5. Tesla has opened – at last – a charging point Supercharger in Spain (and we show the first image exclusively) . As it is never too late if that is good, we are pleased that Tesla is connected to Spain and Europe through its network of fast charging points Supercharger. Supercharger is the first point in Gerona, Ibis Girona hotel and looks like what you see above. The appearance of a red floor parking, signs with the emblem of Tesla Motors and very narrow columns to which plug your Tesla Model S.

SEAT Carabinieri

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6. SEAT has scored a goal into the top corner to Fiat . SEAT Fiat has managed to beat (actually, Alfa Romeo) won a competition to provide cars to 4,000 Carabinieri and Polizia di Stato in Italy in the coming years. An important moral blow, while Italian security bodies used to move cars manufactured at home, national brands such as Fiat and Alfa Romeo.

Radares móviles

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7. Over 1,500 mobile radars ensure your safety . This summer, do not travel without first checking the list of radars DGT . Traffic has published a list of the sections of roads where mobile radars will be placed this summer. We’ll tell you in this article about the mobile radar sections 2015. [1.99901 million]


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8. Be diplomatic cool, let . My partner Sergio Alvarez, who understood this for a while, we had the patronage of the foreign diplomatic corps in Spain. Petrol tax, free parking, and more. Go bargain.

Mercedes A 45 AMG

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9. The Mercedes Class A (the Mercedes-AMG A 45 4MATIC ) is officially the most powerful compact sports car with 381 hp . With the latest “restyle”, Mercedes-Benz has returned to give a blow on the table and made us check our list of the 10 most powerful compact market that we published a few days earlier. The A 45 AMG grows up to 381 hp and exceeds the Audi RS3 . The rest of the Class A range has also been renewed (see bottom of the Mercedes Class A 2015 ), with really interesting news. [1.99901 million]

bmw I8 Porsche 911

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10. The sport of this against the sport of the future . To close the week, we present a Altas special benefits, so it is for us – now that the section ends (although do not worry, in the next insurance months will surprise you with great things) – and which is face a sports hearth as the Porsche 911, with a sports ahead of his time, BMW i8. Dethroning the king BMW i8 vs Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS . [1.99901 million]

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