10 images showing how they have grown (and farmed) modern cars (part 2)

Modern cars are safe, comfortable and equipped. But they have succeeded at the cost of tens of centimeters grow and fatten hundreds of kilos. This second part of images showing how they have grown and gained modern cars seeks further demonstrate this growth in the best way possible: with eyes. We bring 10 additional images with their corresponding measures. Do not the first part of this article miss, available at the following link.

1) Opel Astra J Opel sedan and Kaddett A (1962-2012)

crecimiento-coches-5 The traditional sedan has grown exponentially in size since the launch of the Opel Kadett in 1967. The current equivalent is the Opel Astra Sedan (the smallest sedan manufactured by Opel), and the differences are obvious sight. The Kadett is beside a small utility compared. The comparison between a Kadett and Astra compact A J is equally impressive .

Today : 74 cm long, 34 centimeters wide, 813 kilos heavier


2) SEAT Mii and SEAT 600 (1957-2011)

crecimiento-coches-12 The SEAT Mii is the smallest car in the range of SEAT , and by its very definition is a pure city. At the time the SEAT 600 was also an urban, but a flea compared to one of the current market smaller cars. Many decades of innovation in safety and equipment. The SEAT less powerful Mii has a three-cylinder engine and 60 hp, SEAT 600 born with air cooled 22 HP twin. Eye to the weight difference, considering that the bit Mii exceeds 900 kilos.

Today : 34 cm long, 25 centimeters wide, 346 kilos heavier


3) BMW M235i and BMW 2002 Turbo (1974-2014)

crecimiento-coches-7 Image: Sport Auto

The same way of understanding sportsmanship required just 170 hp in 1974 but today a six-cylinder turbocharged necessary with 326 horsepower . Perhaps they were more extreme at the time, given the size difference between BMW 2002 and the current turbo BMW M235i. And keep in mind that we are still talking about the same concept, a dynamic compact coupe.

Today : 21 cm longer, wider 15 centimeters, 470 kilos heavier


4) and Willys-Overland Jeep Wrangler MB (1943-2008)

crecimiento-coches-2 Does it make sense to compare the grandfather with grandson? According to the marketing department Jeep, we are talking about the same concept car, a small SUV able to go everywhere, simple and robust. Although we could have chosen a Jeep Wrangler few years ago, we believed that the comparison is more fair if an old Willys-Overland MB against one of the last Wrangler.

Today : 90 cm long, 30 centimeters wide, 832 kilos heavier


5) 190 and Mercedes C Class Mercedes (1982-2007)

autowp.ru_mercedes-benz_mixed_220 crecimiento-coches-3 In this case you can not tell us that we are unjust. The Mercedes C Class and Mercedes 190 (W201) are exactly the same car, separated 30 years in time. In fact, the 190 was nicknamed Baby-Benz and is considered the first medium saloon Mercedes. Despite still being a modern car, the differences with the C class released in 2007 are obvious (there was adequate to the current C-Class images).

Today : longer 16 cm, 10 cm wider, 480 kilos heavier

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6) Chevrolet Corvette (1953-2014)

crecimiento-coches-8 The quintessential American sports has changed a lot, but the concept remains similar. Still they have a composite body, a V8 engine in front and rear wheel position. We’ll let the fact that the first Corvette had only six cylinders. A design icon that has aged with class and pass the baton to generations far more capable, powerful … and large. But still, not so dissimilar car launched over 60 years ago.

Today : 25 cm long, 4 centimeters wide, 206 kilos heavier


7) Nissan Skyline GT-R and Nissan GT-R (1999-2008)

crecimiento-coches-10 Image: Kory Leung Photography

Godzilla vs. Godzilla. The Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 against the current Nissan GT-R . We have already faced in video, now we put them face to face in a photo, kindly provided by Kory Leung. The current GT-R has a massive appearance compared to the Skyline, is almost obscene. And despite being much larger, wider and heavier, the GT-R is able to defeat much lighter and powerful in all circumstances cars. The Skyline GT-R was born with 280 hp, the current GT-R with 480 hp .

Today : 7cm long, 11 centimeters wide, 275 kilos heavier


8) Mini John Cooper Works (1967-2009)

MINI JOHN COOPER WORKS FOR EDITORIAL PURPOSES ONLY The comparison we were all waiting. We did not want to do blood comparing a Mini Countryman then with the current, we stuck to their John Cooper Works versions 1967 and 2009 . The same thing happens with the Fiat 500 or the SEAT 600 , the differences with current versions are abysmal and reflect decades of automotive evolution. What appears as calling it Mini is obscene.

Today : 67 cm longer, wider 29 centimeters, 546 kilos heavier


9) Volvo PV444 and Volvo C30 (1947-2007)

crecimiento-coches-6 The Volvo PV444 was a family car when it was launched in the late 40s of last century. The model was in production for almost 20 years and marked the beginning of success for Volvo in the European market. It had nothing to do with the current Volvo C30 , inspired by the Volvo P1800ES and the Volvo 480 that preceded it. However, the most noticeable changes compare the car with his grandfather .

Currently: 10 cm shorter, 23 centimeters wide, 325 kilos heavier


10) Bentley 8-Litre and Bentley Mulsanne (1930-2010)

SONY DSC The largest and most powerful sedan Bentley may have been separated for 80 years, but basically, the old Bentley 8-Litre was massive at the time of what is now the Mulsanne day. They are suprisingly similar cars, although differences readily apparent. 8-liter engine developing 220 hp then – a bestial power – while the 6.75 V8 Twin-Turbo now develops “only” 513 hp


Currently: 44 cm longer, wider 18 centimeters, 80 kilos heavier

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