10 images showing how they have grown (and farmed) modern cars

Bigger is not always better . But is the trend in today’s automotive industry. It is obvious that cars have grown throughout considerably in recent decades. This enlargement has brought a weight gain very considerable. A weight gain of damaging dynamics and fuel consumption: the price to pay for its huge equipment and safety. Then collect 10 images that show how they have grown (and farmed) modern cars .

1) 911 (1963-2013)

50 years apart. The original Porsche 911 measured just 4.29 meters long and only 1.61 meters wide. His weight was only 1,080 kilos. A Porsche 911 Carrera – with its basic engine of 350 hp, 130 hp compared to the first 911 – with manual transmission weighs 1,455 kilos and measures 4.49 meters


Today : 10 cm long, 20 centimeters wide, 375 kilos heavier


2) Volkswagen Golf GTI (1976-2013)

Two generations of a same compact sports. The compact sports rather, the creator of the segment without any doubt. a 112 hp 1.8 engine 230 hp versus a 2.0 TSI . 3.70 meters and 810 kilos and 4.21 meters in front of 1,350 kilos of weight. And the Golf is the smallest compact on the market today.

Today . 51 cm long, 13 centimeters wider, 540 kilos heavier

3) BMW 3 Series (1975-2012)

The quintessential sports sedan has evolved from a very small car – just 4.35 meters – and lightweight to be a car over 4.60 meters, in line with the offer in its segment. The first body was just over 150 hp , but current versions reach 430 hp sports. his weight has increased by almost half a ton. We compared data BMW 315 E21 data against a BMW 316i F30 .

Today : 27 cm longer, 20 centimeters wide, 450 kilos heavier


4) Dodge Challenger (1970-2008)

Two generations of a muscle car separated by an oil crisis and voluntary absence of the Chrysler Group battles between Camaro and Mustang. Although it was at the time a large car, the current Challenger is gigantic : more than five meters long and its architecture is based on a Mercedes E-Class have compared a Dodge Challenger R / T 1970 against a Dodge Challenger R / T 2008.

Today : 16 cm longer identical width, 470 kilos heavier


5) Ford Mustang (1964-2015)

The Ford Mustang began life as a small affordable coupe and ended up creating muscle car without realizing it. One of the most iconic cars in the world, now in its sixth generation and finally comes to Europe officially. It makes no sense to compare its size and practicality, is obvious. We checked against the dimensions of a Shelby GT350 1965 against the current Shelby GT350R .

Today : 17 cm long, 18 centimeters wide, 390 kilos heavier

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6) Chevrolet Suburban (1936-2014)

The Chevrolet Suburban is the longest car sale without interruption with the same name. It has been on sale to the public since 1936, and things have changed a lot since then. The construction of the car, engine and available space. The Chevrolet Suburban is now considered one of the SUV largest in the world, but the largest. Times have changed very, very much.

Today : at least a meter long, a half meter wide, one ton heavier


7) Mercedes 300 SL and Mercedes SLS AMG (1954-2011)

Two generations of “gullwing” the modern Mercedes SLS AMG and grandfather, lovely – and equally valuable – Mercedes 300 SL. next SLS , the 300 SL looks like a toy car , with a narrow body and narrow wheels. The new SLS is more than 300 kilos heavier, but its power is 355 hp more. Like comparing night and day.

Today . 11 cm longer, wider 16 centimeters and 327 kilos heavier

8) Peugeot 205 GTI and Peugeot 208 GTI (1984-2013)

The photo illustrating this comparison is Made in motor. A few years ago we could compare a small Peugeot 205 GTi with the new Peugeot 208 GTi suggest that the impressions of my colleagues do not miss. The differences are obvious, and power jump too. They spent the GTi 130 hp “pata negra” from 80 to 200 hp the current GTi, in line with the spicy utility of the moment.

Today . 26 cm long, 16 centimeters wider, 285 kilos heavier

9) Volkswagen Beetle (1949-2012)

The current Volkswagen Beetle is not that nice boxer engine rear utility designed before World War II. Now is a modern generously sized compact with all the technology of any modern car. There are many decades of evolution, which is noted in comparison that we have established between the legendary Käfer coupe body.

Today : 20 cm long, 26 centimeters wide, 530 kilos heavier


10) Fiat 500 (1957-2007)

And we could not forget the utility that motorized Italy, in the same way that SEAT 600 Motorized Spain a few years later. Little Cinquecento has become a chic icon in its current generation, which still so chic and charming as it was in the late 50s the last century. Although one of the smaller utilities market, looks like a giant compared to his father.

Today : 57 cm long, 30 centimeters wide, 440 kilos heavier

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