10 images showing how they have grown – and gained – modern cars (part 3)

Continued to review the excessive growth of cars in recent decades . Some images leave us surprised. We have seen the case of cars like the Fiat 500, which have nearly doubled their weight in a few decades, or a comparison between urban today – the SEAT Mii – and a town of old, the SEAT 600 . In this third we bring 10 more than show how they have also gained modern cars images. Stay with us to complete this historical review.

1) BMW and 1 Series M Coupe BMW M3 E30 (1986-2011)

No one doubts today that on BMW 1 Series M Coupe is the spiritual heir of BMW M3 E30 , one of the most famous and legendary models of BMW Motorsport. The grandfather was an impressive machine in the late 80 stunned the world with an engine 2.3 of 195 hp, without the Sport Evolution versions. The 1 Series M Coupe 340 hp seems the grandson, who was crushed in the gym, and body filled with pure muscle.

Today . 4 cm long, 12 cm wider, 370 kilos heavier

2) Alfa Romeo Giulietta (1954-2011)

When Alfa Romeo Giulietta launched a few years ago regained one of its most legendary names. An evocative name woman, undoubtedly Italian, for a small coupe in which design was one of the most important factors. The current message remains the same, but in a much larger fomato. In the 80s the Giulietta was a sedan with four doors, and are now compact hatchback.

Today : 37 cm long, 27 cm wider, 475 kilos heavier


3) Chevrolet Camaro (1966 to 2013)

could not miss one of the most iconic muscle car history . Although born with aspirations of small coupe, it became one of the most powerful cars to leave Detroit and an icon of the muscle car era. And the car launched in 1967 seems – even in their sports versions – a joke compared to the current Camaro Z / 28. What has not changed is their appetite for gasoline and massive displacements.

Today : 20 cm long, 12 cm wider, 340 kilos heavier


4) Mini Cooper S and Mini John Cooper Works WRC (1964-2012)

The differences are evident between current Mini Cooper and one of the original, but comparison with Countryman WRC is almost absurd . It’s almost absurd but try the prostitution Mini name. The Countryman WRC is even a large car compared to the Polo Volkswagen WRC or DS3 WRC . The Mini Cooper S – a vintage hero Monte Carlo Rally – is a tiny flea him. Not even have AWD.

Today . 98 cm long, 41 cm wider, 633 kilos heavier

5) Range Rover (1988-2015)

When Land Rover Range Rover Vogue launched in 1988, they could have been the first to consider an SUV as a luxury car. And yet, Range Rover said today seems an agricultural machine than any SUV . And besides, it is small: it had five doors and was shorter than a modern Ford Kuga. And I did not tell you when compared to a giant Range Rover – short wheelbase -. Current

Today : longer 55 cm, 12 cm wider, 344 kilos heavier

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6) B2 Audi 80 and Audi A4 (1978-2007)

The Audi 80 is the predecessor of the Audi A4 we know today. It was released in the mid-70s, but it was not until the early ’80s with its second generation Audi began to be seen as a rival to be reckoned with by Mercedes and BMW . It was also the second generation which premiered quattro AWD system. The Audi A4 format has remained the family sedan with optional body.

Today . 32 longer cm, 14 cm wide, 475 kilos heavier

7) Opel Rekord C Cabriolet and Opel Cascada (1968-2014)

Image: AutoZeitung

The Opel Rekord Cabriolet was an exclusive cabrio that only 50 units were producidad by an external body builder, based on the popular coupe body Opel Rekord C. A large cabrio, which did not have a counterpart Modern Opel Cascada until the arrival of a little over one year. And then despite being based on a large saloon, it seems even smaller by the Astra cabrio derivative.

Today : 14 longer cm, 8 cm wider, 600 kilos heavier


8) Volkswagen Passat (1973-2010)

Our image does not include the latest generation of Volkswagen Passat, but includes the seven previous generations. But it is an excellent image in which you can see the growth in 40 years of one of the most popular cars on Europe’s roads . The Volkswagen Passat is still one of the references in saloons, but also its first generation was available in coupe-hatchback body.

Today . 48 cm long, 22 cm wider, 551 kilos heavier

9) SEAT Ibiza (1984-2008)

And we come to one of the quintessential Spanish car our beloved SEAT Ibiza . A car that oddly enough, was released over 30 years ago. And it can be said to be one of the cars that has made the survival of SEAT – and one that showed the potential of the company to Volkswagen, which end up buying. Although it was relatively large, the first Ibiza is small next to the current Ibiza.

Today : 40 longer cm, 9 cm wider, 263 kilos heavier


10) and Porsche 550 Spyder Porsche Boxster Spyder (1955-2013)

The same way of understanding lightened sportiness, with nearly 60 years apart, give us the image that presides over this block. Impressive is an understatement, without any doubt. The 550 Spyder – in addition to a black history by James Dean – barely waist Boxster Spyder , which remains the lightest and most agile car in the Porsche range


Today . 81 cm long, 25 cm wider, 710 kilos heavier

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10 images that demonstrate how they have grown (and farmed) modern cars (part 2)

10 images that demonstrate how they have grown (and farmed) modern cars

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