10 tips for selling your used car successfully

you Want to sell your car. Your family has grown, you want to buy another car, since you do not do so many miles, or your car has many years already. The reason is not important, the important thing is to recover the greatest possible part of the initial outlay made in their purchase. Selling a car is a complex task in which many factors are involved, and it is not taught in schools. In motor we’re going to offer 10 tips for selling your used car quickly, so efficient and comfortable. Stay with us.

1) Set a price sensible

The sale price of your car is the first data that comes in through the eyes of the buyer, plain and simple.

The first thing you should do is sensing the second hand market of your car. A good way to do this is to find your car in the multitude of sites second-hand market. Look for cars with the same engine, age and mileage similar to get an idea of the strip prices in which you are moving the car. The target price of your car also depends on your state, and what you can offer in your sale. Let’s take a practical example, that is the best way to see things. I want to sell a Nissan 350Z.

digital manipulation: Ole Bungerwww.pixoleb.comA search reveals that their prices range between 9,000 euros and 15,000 euros for models of about 10 years of age. To higher-mileage lower price, and it is clear that you will pay more for a car that has all the revisions sealed in the manual. mechanical modifications – think of spark plugs for high performance or new rims – impact of negative or positive in value, as well as the state of the tires or the paint. Decide which is your price, and appreciates the hurry that you have to sell your car accordingly.

it is Also possible to use online tools appraisal – free – in order to know the approximate price of your car. A dealer or a purchase you may also appraise the car, but don’t forget to take into account your piece of the pie: their business model is to buy cheap and sell more expensive.

2) how should I allow for negotiation in the price?

Decide if you are or not a good negotiator, and acts accordingly. Remember that there are real artists of the negotiation.

A simple “urgent sale” in the ad, the car gives a clear signal to the potential buyer: the price is very negotiable and seller will accept lower offers because it is “desesperad”. it Is important to decide if he or she negotiation in your price. A price is non-negotiable is less attractive to the buyer, and we all prefer to receive even a small discount in the purchase price. However, a price is not negotiable also can be a good indicator of a fair price and transparency of the seller.

nissan-370z-2015-4If he or she negotiation, be firm in your limits, and keep a cool head, but I know just the buyer.

3) Preparing the car for sale and do not be stingy

A dirty car, with the tires worn-out and without the pass MOT check to back many potential buyers.

Before you teach a car to anyone, you must prepare it for sale. do Not be stingy: give the pass MOT, tyres in good condition and an oil change recent. It is not a general check-up in a workshop of confidence. Think like a buyer will, be decanted for a car whose initial costs are low, a car that you do not have to take the workshop just buy it and get a bill of four figures. Splash some cash to get the car to point, and you will recover more than the investment.

bmw-serie-3-historia-150it Is important to teach the car clean, and to show that you have been well treated during your use. Pay, a deep cleaning of inside and outside, or do-it-yourself. Your buyer will thank you, and your pocket also. Gather all documentation of the car, and brings bills to the latest works in the workshop that has received the car. It shows that you are concerned about the car and what you have tried well. How should I wash the engine? No need to be spotless, let a review but keep part of the dirt usually tends to collect.

The buyer does not want to suspect that you’re trying to hide potential losses or defects.

4) Where do I publish the ad? Do I go to a professional?

A transaction between private individuals will leave more money than a sale to a professional.

Excellent question. As the particular, it is best to publish the announcement in the portals usual sale of second-hand cars on the Internet. Milanuncios is now the portal of higher traffic and volume of advertising, despite its interface and design are outdated. Coches.net or AutoScout are other popular choices. A sale between private individuals will leave more money in general, but not descartes to turn to a professional. Especially in cars of sale complicated, if you need the money urgently or don’t want to disrupt your life.


5) Write an appropriate ad

Think like a buyer when writing your ad, tell him what you want to know and don’t be left short.

If you want to take the bull by the horns, you must write a good ad for your car. It should be neither too short nor too long, and the most important thing is that you just leave in doubt the prospective buyer. Not worth it with only that “very careful, always in garage”. Speaking of the mileage, say what oil you have put in, speaks of the treatment that have given the car and has a little the dynamics of the car: is it comfortable or sporty? how is the engine response? Engages the reader to, the reader may be the that you finish paying your several thousands of euros.

don’t forget to include in the announcement the reason for the sale of the car, gives a signal to the buyer of honesty and transparency, whether it is because you have outgrown, or because you simply have infatuated a new car. Mentions the existence of invoices, the time you have left for the MOT and the more recent work, such as, for example, that you have changed the tyres done 5,000 miles, or that you have the latest revision last a couple of months ago at the dealership. Again, think like the buyer.

The advertisement must include a clear preferred method of contact.

6) a picture is worth a 1,000 words: take a few nice pics of the car

Let the photos speak for themselves of the state of the car, and don’t be shy in teaching details of the cars.

Many advertisements sin just to have photos, or have photos of very bad quality. You don’t need a professional camera to do some decent photos of the car, with having a smartphone is enough. You must include photos of each side of the car, the front and the rear. A photo of the interior and another photo of the seats. The buyer want to know in what state is the car, and if it is surprises – negative cut – to see the car, as much as possible is to take a good anger, and don’t buy it.

gti-años-noventa-8Includes photos of the engine, the bullet from the ITV or unique details of your car. If you have changes or items you think that increase its value, don’t be shy in teach: your tyres newly changed, the bar of turrets that you have installed or those wheels that are so well polished you have left. Do the photos on a site well-lit, day and without distractions. You need not hire a professional photographer and a studio, a parking big and empty is more than enough to not divert the attention of the car.

Don’t take pictures of your car in the garage or parked between other cars. If you strive, you’ll be rewarded with a quick sale and with no drama.

don’t take pictures with the car parked among other cars on the street, or burned with the flash because the have done in the garage. If you have the book reviews seal, poke a picture. If you have two or three car keys, ask them for a photo. If it is a classic and preserved in both manual and original documents, make them a photo. Put a little effort of your part, and always remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps you’re not sick of seeing ads with bad photos or that do not teach what you want to see?

7) Respond honestly to the questions of the buyer

you’ve Already quoted to a potential buyer in a public place, and has already seen the car. It’s time for your turn to ask questions. , you Should answer honestly and with clear answers to the buyer. The buyer can ask questions of the most varied, from the use that you’ve given the car to much details, and more specific as the brand of oil that you use. The questions give information to the buyer about the level of care of the car and your knowledge of the same. be honest, and if you don’t know an answer, admit it.


8) Allows you to test the car, accepts mechanical test

Allows the buyer try the car, your feelings are a key moment in the purchase process.

there is nothing to add more to the back to a buyer that a refusal to perform a mechanical test to the car. The simple negative implies that you’re hiding some defect, and thus should be interpreted by the buyer. Convenid between the two a shop at a time that I come well. If you are an honest seller and you know the mechanical condition of your car, a mechanical test should not worry about the least. Once more, it shows transparency and an informed buyer, the best type of buyer.

9) don’t withhold information about the car: I know transparent

You are responsible for 6 months of any hidden defect that you can have the car. Never lie or hide information.

honesty when selling a car is important. Let’s imagine that the car you’re selling has traces of antifreeze in the oil, a sure sign of impending fault of cylinder head: a joke that generates invoices of several thousands of euros. The buyer must deliver the car to the buyer without any hidden defects, liens or encumbrances. If the buyer detects irregularities, it has up to 6 months to file a lawsuit to the buyer, that could have to take care of the repairs or buy back the car.

tallerall the more Reason to deliver a car in good condition and be fully open with the failures that may have the vehicle. The buyer has no right to claim against faults or breakdowns known in advance. In addition, if the buyer is smart – as I hope you may be – you will to sign a contract simple sale between private parties in which it was specified that delivery of the car without any hidden defects, liens or encumbrances. As the saying goes, falls before a liar than a lame. be honest, and there will be no problems.

10) Remove the ad when the car is sold

Deference to other buyers. You’ve sold your car, so don’t forget to check out the announcement of the platforms, where you have uploaded it. to Avoid wasting time for other people and will avoid that make you lose time to yourself, that you will have to answer phone calls or emails saying something like “sorry, already sold”. The effort to delete the ads is much lower in comparison. All thank you for it. That said, good luck in the sale of your car!