10 tips for the dinners and business meals and friends, and car trips of christmas

Come meals and christmas dinners, with friends, with coworkers. Some already carry a few, and that there is still a lot for true christmas celebrations. The tightness of our schedules, and the saturation of many restaurants, leads us to move forward increasingly, these celebrations of rigor, in which the festive atmosphere is spiced with the best meats, and sometimes entails, also, the necessity of having to use the car. why is it so important to watch our diet, and decide if we will take the car or not depending on what we have eaten and drunk? What are the 10 tips we have to follow if we have to go to a dinner or christmas meal, and then take the car to go on a trip?

During the christmas, and the weeks leading up to celebrating the meals and company dinners, Traffic intensifies the controls of alcohol on the roads and streets of our country.

1. The alcohol is probably the most obvious factor that we must take into account at the time of pick up or not the car. Even within the limits of the law, the small margin in which a driver can still drive, without giving positive in the famous breathalyzer test, remember that it corresponds to some fixed amounts, but rather to factors that depend on the sex, and the age, it is recommended that you do not ingest any alcohol. First, because it is not usually simple to dose the amounts legal. Second, because even in quantities very moderate, and legal, contribute to drowsiness, which is quite dangerous if after the meal, or dinner, we have to start a trip more or less long.

As every year, traffic intensifies the controls of alcohol in the dates that are regularly held dinners and holiday meals. In any case, the danger that involves the consumption of alcohol is already more than enough to decide if we are driving after a dinner abstemia, or against, it is best to postpone our trip, or to use public transport, or a taxi, to get home. In any case, alcohol is not the only factor that diminishes our skills behind the wheel after a meal or a holiday dinner.


2. ideally, after a meal or a holiday dinner is not face a long trip, resting after the feast. In any case, if it is necessary to take the car after this, Traffic reminds us that our enemy will be fatigue and sleep. A hearty meal encourages drowsiness, produces fatigue and lowers reflexes. As a general rule, in our long trips, and irrespective of whether we have dinners or meals of christmas, or not, Traffic recommended to make small meals and frequently throughout the day. Doing it this way favors the attention and we react more quickly.

There are studies that suggest that while our body is doing the digestion performance was impaired on at least 10%.

3. carbohydrates are your friends. To promote digestion, it is recommended to use a light diet, rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals, and eliminating, to the extent possible, of fat, which slow digestion, and does not give you energy immediately. We want the digestion to be fast and quiet.

4. What menu do I choose? What meat or fish? Choose meats with less fat, such as poultry (turkey and chicken), before the more fats (red meats); and the white fish (such as cod or hake), compared to the blue fish (like tuna, or swordfish). Opt for meats and fish, simple processing, iron, grill, or oven, and without sauces, fatty, or with flours. Try lining abstain from fried, better a side vegetable, as a salad, or a few mushrooms.


5. If you’re going to take a long trip, your body doesn’t need as many calories. Another very important factor to take into account the trips that we make this christmas lies in the fact that driving is a sedentary activity, which requires an energy input very low. That means that a person will not require a caloric intake as high as a normal working day, a lot of activity, and exercise.

6. hydration is very important, and drinking even though we have no thirst. Traffic also recommended to consume water frequently and in small amounts. Also recommended are the smoothies, soft drinks without gas, and fresh vegetables. Prevents the hot milk. If our moms already told us that there is nothing, for a good rest, such as a glass of milk and to bed, it is for something. The milk promotes the onset of drowsiness.

7. Avoid foods that may producirte problems in digestion,, such as pains, heartburn, or even dizziness. Not recommended foods that are very spicy, very salty, and rich in animal fats, avoid spices and spicy, also the sauces plentiful. The wines, and in general any hot liquid, contributes to the acidity of the stomach.


8. coffee helps to overcome the drowsiness, and to stay focused on driving. According to the experts, we don’t take more than 300 milligrams of coffee a day, which is equivalent to three cups of coffee. Energy drinks rich in caffeine also help, but its consumption has to be carried out moderately.


9. The music, and its volume, helps to keep us focused on the driving and to prevent the onset of drowsiness.


10. And first of all we respect the breaks. Traffic recommend a stop every 200 miles, or two hours. Rest in which we will be able to stretch your legs, eat some fruit, some crackers, replacing liquids, and continue our journey, safely, to get to our destination.

For more information, see report of the DGT on “eat well and lead better.“

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