100 BMW i3 is a nice addition to the fleet of the Los Angeles police


The police department of Los Angeles, known internationally by its acronym, LAPD, will soon feature 100 units BMW i3 in its fleet. The headquarters of the firm bavarian in the united States has won the competition to supply the department of law enforcement a series of electric vehicles for evaluation in the streets of Los Angeles.

On numerous occasions, I announced the purchase of powerful sports on the part of security forces with the intention of catching the bad guys, however that is not the destination of these vehicles. Despite the fact that the BMW i3 has a acceleration blunt your work will be merely of transport of officers, official and other duties that are not emergency.

previously already had the chance to test several units of the Tesla Model S, but it seems that he has not come to convince all. The i3 has a size more compact that the sedan from Elon Musk that becomes a more practical option for the great city and in addition is substantially more economic. Each BMW i3 will cost the LAPD 42.400 $ , while a Model S starts from $ 70,000 to approximately, pending the release of the new S 60. The department also wowed the services ConnectedDrive and reliability of the model.


The acquisition of the 100 units i3 will also linked to the hiring of the services of the company Greenlost, in charge of providing chargers for electric vehicles. In particular you will install 100 chargers, normal and 4 rapids. The BMW with a battery of 22 kWh have a range of 130 km, although there is a new version with batteries 33 kWh of capacity that extends its autonomy until the 185 km.

This is one of the first steps taken by the mayor of Los Angeles since you have decided to provide more departments of your city of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids to help with the care of the environment. In them, we can return to see the Tesla, BMW or any other brand that intends to use their vehicles.