1,000,000 Renault Kangoo second generation made

Renault Kangoo 1.000.000 Renault Kangoo is one of vans most popular on the market. The first generation arrived in 1998 to replace the Renault Express, while in 2007 he made act of presence the second generation, which arrives until our days. It is precisely for having reached 1,000,000 units produced in the second generation the Renault Kangoo at the plant of Maubeuge (France) is celebrating.

unity 1.000.000 looks like a body blue, Etoilé and has a destination very particular, Japan. There the Kangoo represents a third of the sales of the brand, and is a model widely recognized, whose owners meet every year at the foot of Mount Fuji in the event Kangoo Jamboree, in 2015 brought together more than 1,000 of these vans in Japan are only marketed in the version of passengers.

Renault Kangoo facelift 2013The Renault Kangoo stands out against its competitors by having a wide range of bodies and engines. The variants business have with the body Compact, Express (normal) and Maxi, in addition to the interesting version of the electric motor. The passengers are only available with diesel and petrol engines and battle version middle. Of the units produced in 2015, 64% were vans, while 90% of the total production of the year was equipped with diesel engines, compared with 7% of the gasoline and the remaining 3% of the Renault Kangoo Z. E..

The Renault Kangoo is manufactured exclusively in the plant French Maubeuge, alongside its twin, the Mercedes Citan. France, Spain and Germany are the three major markets for the Kangoo.

Source – Renault

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