11 millionaires chinese people learn the hard way that its Ferrari and Maserati are not suvs

The lord, and Haishan is a chinese businessman. You are going things right, and has bought a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. He has given away no less than 10 Maserati its best managers, and also the wealthy. To celebrate their success, instead of going to a nightclub or a cruise, have decided to take a trip with their supercars. We applaud this idea, but do not applaud the choice of the route. Only six cars completed the trip, and their owners learned the hard way that their cars were not suvs. A lot, but that much pain…

The highway, Tibet-Sichuan has 2.083 miles away, and only suvs can complete it in conditions.

Inspired by the “Ferrari’s 15,000 Red Miles” of 10 years ago – in the Ferrari completed a similar route with two 612 Scaglietti – took to the Sichuan-Tibet Highway. What you perhaps ignore is that this route is one of the toughest in the whole of China. A good part is not paved, and the state of the firm makes only suvs to be able to circulate through it in conditions. The 10 Maserati and the Ferrari chief had to face wading of streams, scour of the championship and ruts of mud.

ferrari-maserati-china-2it is Almost surprising that six cars completed the route. The Ferrari one wheel came off the own hub, and four of the Maserati abandoned due to the failure of various. The six Maserati ended the route had to return to Chengdu in crane, because they were severely damaged. Although I applaud the courage to use a super car for trips of this caliber, I can not more than be amazed at the poor choice of route. At least, they would have waited a few months and use a few Maserati Levante, isn’t it?

Source: Autoblog
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