110.000 units BMW in Japan to review by using the airbags from Takata

Prueba BMW X1 xDrive25d 231 CV automático interiorThe airbags of Takata does not stop “forcing us” to talk about them, which is bad news because it means that they continue to calls to review or, in the worst case, more people injured or killed. In this case it is, fortunately, a call to review. Now, he has touched BMW to make a massive call in Japan, with up to 110,000 units pending to replace your airbag.

Japan is one of the countries most affected by the case of Takata, where over 7 million vehicles have mounted these airbags are defective. According to Autonews, including up to 110,000 units of BMW affected, there are 44 different versions of models produced between the years 2004 and 2012, that they need to replace the airbags frontal airbag.

Prueba BMW 118d 5 puertas interiorThe cheap is expensive and that, as we have already explained in some occasion, Takata wanted to expand in the business of the airbags with a large number of manufacturers. Most of the brands already had agreements made with other companies specialized in the bags of air, so that for Takata was difficult to compete. The price was already set and could not reduce it much more, so they offered to put it another way, the same product for the same price.

The only solution that was left to the multinational, that so many of the lines we are occupying in years past, it was to reduce the price of the product and so call the attention of the trademark. To do this, had no choice but to lower production costs, so resorted to a few materials and gases of lower quality.

Due to changes in temperature and humidity, the gas reacted with greater violence, in case of actuating the system, so that did not fulfill correctly its function. To this day, known 14 deaths and 150 injuries at the global level for this reason; while which have caused the greatest call to review the history of the automobile, since it is their own fault and not the vehicle manufacturers.