13.9% is what we have uploaded the sales in Spain during September

Citroën C4 Picasso 2016The automotive sector in Spain is in luck. The sales each month shows better numbers and it seems that there will be no end. The end of the Plan PIVE it looked like it would discourage consumers and sales they will sink. However, it seems that the spaniards continue to trust in the good situation of their economies and every time they are buying more new vehicles.

According to ANFAC, the month of September has been good. The growth of the sales has been located in a rather than right 13.9 per cent. With this increase in registrations of passenger cars and suvs have reached the 79.591 units. However these numbers we should not be deceive as there is a background that we must study to know the real situation that the sector is undergoing.

Volkswagen Golf GTI ClubsportAccording to Jaume Roura, president of the patronal of the dealers Faconauto, the main channels of sales are showing signs of stagnation. private customers and companies are buying vehicles below forecasts carried out by Faconauto. However, the alquiladoras have been those which have managed to increase these numbers.

in Addition there is also another fact to consider. The dealers are going to register units, what he has done, that these figures are made up. The Plan PIVE ended the 30 of September and this situation has caused dealers to self-enrol in more units than they would have needed in order to have a good stock of vehicles KM0 to offer to their customers at a more advantageous price.

however, not everything is going to be bad, because the total count of units sold in the year shows two-digit numbers. So far this year have been enrolled 879.359 units representing a growth of 11.5 percent compared with the same period last year. These data indicate that the year will end with sales of close to 1.2 million units.

If we focus on the best-selling brands Volkswagen 6.897 units tops the ranking. Rounding out the top ten Renault with 6.515 units, Peugeot with 5749, Seat with 4.909, Opel with 4.740, Ford 4.579, Toyota 4.107, Nissan 4.069 and Citroën 3.865 units. This list of the most sold closes Mercedes 3.767 units registered.

with Respect to the models more sold the Citroën C4 (in all their variants) achieve the ranking as the model that highest number of enrolments has done. Their 2.267 units exceed by little the 2.198 who has enrolled in the Golf and its variants. To close the drawer to honor the Renault Clio has succeeded to register 2.065 units.

Source – Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Cars and Trucks ; Faconauto