15 videos more crazy 2015

2015 we are going and in a few hours we enter a new year, that sure holds for us even more stories crazy. 2015 has been an interesting year and a fun, autonomous cars, sport with turbo engines, of scandals with the diesel, of restrictions for alerts of contamination. But it has also been a year of videos that left us without words, of jokes more or less heavy, of productions at the Nürburgring that moved us, records that they left us with the mouth open, as the reverse parking, or the Jaguar F-PACE, making a looping. A year of bikes piloted by robots, of sticks-selfie, of men flying through the skies of Dubai next to the ship most impressive of commercial aviation, of learner driver in a Porsche, and even girls riding trucks by remote control. These are 15 videos crazy 2015.

1. What happens when you drive a truck to a 4 years old girl? Volvo has done it.

2. Can you imagine learning to drive in driving school with a Porsche 911?

3. Fact or fiction? Two “men” bird flying over Dubai next to an Airbus A380.

4. Quivers, Valentino: the haunting MOTOBOT.

5. Shown: the stick-selfie and driving are not compatible.

6. The radar-selfie. Rémi Gaillard is a more fun use to the speed cameras.

7. Don’t do it at home: so crazy is the new record of reverse parking.

8. The record of looping of the Jaguar F-PACE is more impressive than we imagined.

9. Rich modern, let have fun shooting dishes from a Porsche 911 on the go!.

10. 8 tips on how not to steal a Porsche: the London police are searching for the individual on this video.

11. The lap slower to the Nürburgring… with Walter Röhrl and Porsche.

12. How is a iPhone when you use it as a brake pad on your Porsche 911?

13. A sirloin steak at the Nürburgring, please: cooking on the inside of an engine.

14. How does it feel travelling at 350 km/h for the Autobahn in a Bugatti Veyron?

15. Parked in a space reserved for the disabled… and found this “nice” surprise.