20 years ago leaving the factory the first Audi A3: 20 years in 20 images

Today marks 20 years of the birth of the Audi A3 . A September 18, 1995 left the factory in Ingolstadt the first Audi A3. Quite an event, launching a product, a logo which has since sold over 3.5 million units worldwide. The Audi A3 is, by its nature and merits, one of the fundamental pillars on which global growth of the brand is based. Hence, in recent years has been growing, with new bodies and new mechanical alternatives, following current market trends. Let the developments Audi A3 in these 20 years, 20 images .


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The Audi A3 arrived in showrooms in 1996. Since we mentioned that the first unit left the factory exactly 20 years ago, 18 September 1995. Audi intended to launch a compact, initially sold only with body three doors, alternatively premium and sporty Volkswagen Golf, which would be available with engines up to 180 hp and four-wheel drive. Later, they also introduce a five-door body and the engine range grow, especially to accommodate the more sporty versions.

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In those years, he born the Audi S3, with two versions of 210 and 220 hp. One S3 enjoyed a four-cylinder, something very common in sport compacts currently. But by then it would be the first time an Audi S employed a motor of this nature. The Audi S3 counted, albeit with four-wheel drive quattro.

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With its second generation , the Audi A3 won packing, even very powerful five-cylinder engine line and a VR6 .

audi-a3-20-anos-13 audi-a3-20-anos-10 The Audi A3 also grew up with a convertible body , whose canvas roof extends the capabilities of the Audi range, offering a compact four-seater convertible and a more modest approach to the Audi TT.

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The Audi S3 remains one of the sports brand emblems , and has grown from the original 210 hp of power, to the current 300 hp.

audi-a3-20-anos-15 The European Audi A3 are produced in Ingolstadt, where the brand manufactures the 3-door body, Sportback e-tron Sportback and Sportback g-tron. In 2014 there were 188,465 units of the A3 range in Ingolstadt.

audi-a3-20-anos-14 The cabriolet and sedan versions occur in Györ, Hungary.

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And the third generation of Audi A3 was a new milestone, the birth of a 4-door A3, the A3 Sedan .

audi-a3-20-anos-01 audi-a3-20-anos-02 Today, the climax of the performance of the Audi A3 range, which represents RS3 , with 367 horsepower coming out of a five-cylinder engine online.

audi-a3-20-anos-08 audi-a3-20-anos-07 The range, however, has continued to grow with new mechanics. With the latest generation, the g-tron Audi A3 stands as the alternative to natural gas.

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Another of the most important models of Audi in recent years, is the Audi A3 e-tron , a step in the electric mobility of the brand with a plug-in hybrid with sufficient electrical autonomy Day to day, and a fuel tank to travel many kilometers without worrying about a plug.

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