200 HP and the performance of a hot hatch: this is the Chevrolet Bolt EV wants to be the reference in electrical generalist

Chevrolet Bolt EV was just presented at the Detroit motor show. It is possibly the car’s most important to be presented in the u.s. sample, with a difference. Already met some days ago, with a price of about $ 30,000 and 320 km of autonomy, this small crossover aims to become the reference in electrical generalist. The car that will convert many to the electricity permanently. Now we know that you have 200 HP and performance are able to leave many cars in ridiculous.

Chevrolet announces a 0 to 96 km/h for its Bolt EV in less than seven seconds. The figures are comparable to those of a hot hatch.

Under the hood of the Chevrolet Bolt EV will not find a gasoline engine. It is an electric motor that develops 200 HP of maximum power. Its maximum torque – available from zero rpm, as is usual in electrical – is some of the most interesting 360 Nm. Are figures of power and torque similar to an engine 2.0 turbo petrol. A figure of more than enough power for any situation behind the wheel. This engine has been designed from the ground up with his gear box of a speed, integrated into its housing.

chevrolet-bolt-ev-tecnica-2The power goes to the front wheels through a system of by-wire, both in the change as in the pedals – as usual already in many cars. In the case of the electric, the reverse simply reverses the polarity of the motor, so that the transmission mechanism is very simple. The engine is connected to a new battery rack designed by LG Electronics. This rack of lithium-ion batteries – composed by no less than 288 individual cells – weighs 435 pounds, and has a capacity of 60 kWh.

The Chevrolet Bolt EV will have several driving modes, and a mode of maximum energy regeneration.

This battery rack is located in a false floor of the car, lowering significantly the center of gravity of the car, and without affecting in the slightest the ability of the trunk. Also rich in nickel, this battery need a cooling system/air conditioning active, in order to maintain its load capacity and performance at a-level is always optimal. Is the largest battery ever fitted for a car of General Motors and on the paper, allows an autonomy theoretic of 320 kilometers, as I had informed a long time ago.


how Long does it take to charge the Chevrolet Bolt EV?

Of series the car is sold with a charging conventional 7.2 kW. This charger plugs into the current, and with a voltage of 240 volts, is able to supply about 80 kilometers in two hours. Using a fast charger SAE Combo – an industry standard – in just half an hour you can get up to 150 km of autonomy. Charging times may vary in function of the outside temperature. Its loading times and fast load are not as fast as the Tesla Supercharger.


Driving with a single pedal

The Chevrolet Bolt EV will enjoy various driving modes that affect the power delivery by the engine. In their mode of maximum energy regeneration, Chevrolet has consulted a number of experts and enthusiasts of the electric vehicle, for allow that the car can drive with a single pedal. Even if you do not clear the brakes, the mode of maximum regeneration allows the car to stop gradually – but accentuated – when we lift the accelerator pedal, recharging while the battery.

Source: Chevrolet
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