2015 Audi Q7, information and official pictures of the new flagship

audi q7 2015 oficial 21 Audi Q7 2015, información y fotografías oficiales del nuevo buque insignia As imagined this morning, the brand with the four rings has been quick to reveal all the information and pictures of the new Audi Q7 2015 after having leaked the first images. The model will debut to the public at the North American International Auto Show, premiering a completely renovated from the chassis, mechanical, more efficient technology that makes the Audi Q7 again be one of the leaders of the large SUV segment design .

The new Audi Q7 measured 5.05 meters long [1,999,006], which correspond to the Battle 2.99, 1.97 wide and 1.74 high. Despite being shorter and narrower than its predecessor, achieves greater interior roominess, plus lose weight no less than 325 kilos marking on the scale 1,970 kilos when equipped with the 3.0 V6 TFSI. This diet has a direct impact on consumption, with a 28% greater efficiency in gasoline and 23% diesel. The performance also improved.

audi q7 2015 oficial 81 Audi Q7 2015, información y fotografías oficiales del nuevo buque insignia The exterior of the Audi Q7 adopts the design language of the latest models of the brand. It is conservative and does not give the feeling of being as big as before, but what most call attention is the new grille singleframe . The body will offer 11 exterior colors, four of which are new. Furthermore, depending on the trim level, the underbody will be black, silver or colored plastic body.

An interior unsurpassed

audi-q7-2015-oficial-5 Maybe abroad has some similarities to its predecessor, but inside there is no doubt that they are radically different cars. The dashboard sports a completely new and modern design , with the characteristic of the ventilation grates extending across the width. The MMI multimedia system shows information on a 7 “screen placed on top of the dashboard. Interior ambient lighting is provided by LEDs. Standard air conditioning Audi Q7 is bizona, although there optionally four areas. The front seats can be Multicontour with 18 settings, heated and ventilated.

The Q7 is offered in configurations five and seven seats . It offers great modularity and the rear bench can move longitudinally up to 110 millimeters, independently for each of the three seats. Livability is better than the previous model in all places. The boot offers 295 liters of capacity when seven seats are used, whereas if the last row is folded capacity is 770 liters. The five-seater model has a volume of 890 liters , expandable to 2,075 if the seats, a maneuver that can be electrically folded. The power tailgate is standard and can be opened or closed by passing the foot below the rear bumper.

Diesel, gasoline and hybrid

audi-q7-2015-oficial-7 In Audi Q7 will be offered with two mechanical V6 3.0-liter gasoline and one diesel 333 and 272 hp respectively . The V6 TDI does 0-100 in 6.3 seconds compared to the 6.2 TFSI. The Diese has approved a minimum average consumption of 5.7 liters, compared to 7.7 of gasoline. The mean rise in terms of measures of tires and if the carrier is five or seven seats.

The range also find the Q7 Audi e-tron quattro , which is a plug-in hybrid with diesel V6. Delivery together 373 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque. In pure electric mode has 56 km of autonomy and the average consumption is 1.7 liters per 100 kilometers, with CO2 emissions of just 50 grams per kilometer. The electric motor is integrated into the automatic eight-speed Tiptronic and quattro drive is mechanical, the first vehicle of its kind in the market.

Later come a 3.0 TDI 218 horses and 500Nm of torque as a variant of access, while in Asia and the United States will receive 2.0 TFSI four-cylinder and 252 horses power. All use the automatic gearbox eight-speed Tiptronic with steering wheel paddles as standard. The quattro is also present in all versions and the center differential distributes torque 40:60 so can potentially transmit a maximum of 70% up front and 85% rear. It is also standard control system active torque braking the inside wheel during cornering to ensure better dynamic behavior.

Technological developments

audi-q7-2015-oficial-3 The Audi Q7 is now positioned as the flagship of the house with the four rings, and as such, makes a great display technology, with much of this optional. The headlights are standard bi-xenon, but are optionally LEDs and LED Matrix. You will not miss the digital watches box 12.3 “[1,999,006], head-up display or the new MMI navigation system with touch controls and screen 7” retractable. For foodies Sound are two additional options that are borne by Bose and Bang & amp; Olufsen .

To the rear seats entertainment team Audi tablet, incorporating two tablets of 10.1 “that can be used as monitors for rear seats is offered. They are connected to the MMI via WiFi and can control various functions of multimedia equipment. Use Android operating system have full HD camera and 32GB hard drive and Bluetooth and NFC compatibility. At the end of the journey can be used as a normal tablet anywhere.

The Audi connect allows other features such as Internet or using applications as Google Earth, Google Steet View, Aupeo! or Napster. In addition there is compatibility with Android and iOS smartphones with MirrorLink system.

audi-q7-2015-oficial-1 Standard on all Audi Q7 incorporating rear parking sensors, cruise control, or emergency braking in town, although active safety can lead to a new level with systems such as Park Assist, peripheral cameras, traffic alert Cross, assistant trailer, active lane assist and adaptive cruise control with driving assistant jams. Recognition of traffic signs and the system night vision are also some elements of the endless list of optional.

Optionally a system of direction is provided to all four wheels , capable of moving up to 5 degrees in the rear wheels. At low speeds the rear wheels rotate in opposite sense to the front, whereas if the rate is increased, rotate in unison. This makes the Audi Q7 is more agile and maneuverable. Regarding suspensions is offered as an extra tire adaptive system which adapts the ride height depending on the circumstances and also allows manual adjustments. The Audi Drive Select is standard and offers up to eight positions that alter the response of various parameters of the car.

audi-q7-2015-oficial-9 Standard is offered with 18 “wheels, but the customer can choose them up to 21”. For those searching out the asphalt, you’ll find a ground clearance of 235mm and an optional that can monitor the behavior of the axles and wheels.

The Audi Q7 will be available in Germany from spring 2015, but did not arrive in dealerships until summer. The starting price will be around 61,000 euros .

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