2015 Audi R8: in action on video, in Portimao a new solo V10


New video Promotional Audi R8 and no, do not get tired of seeing the new supercar from Ingolstadt in action. A new solo V10 invites us to dream of a day secondary road circuit after driving.

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The already known V10 5.2-liter, atmospheric, the same as we already knew from the previous generation, the same as we are in the vain of Lamborghini Huracan, is presented in this new generation into two power levels offering a total of 540 or 610 horses , the latter if it is the version V10 Plus protagonist of this new video.

We’ve seen Tom Kirstensen after his wheel, we have seen rolling on the circuit of Guadix, now it do the same in the Portimao circuit , where he was introduced.

To learn more about the Audi R8 …

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give the play time, the Audi R8 in action at Portimao circuit:

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