2015, the beginning of the end of the crisis in the automotive sector in Spain: more than a million cars sold!

2015 will be a year remembered with fondness by the employers of the automotive sector in Spain. The distribution of cars is in luck, because they have closed their best year since the crisis broke out in Spain. For the first time in six years, you have exceeded the one million cars sold in our country. An ad line by line in this article and which, in the words of ANFAC, represents the beginning of the end of the crisis in the sector. recovery: Is it sustainable? is There margin for further growth in the future?

Among the major european markets, Spain is the country where you have grown the sales of cars in 2015.

During this 2015 has already finished have been sold in Spain 1.034.232 cars, 21% more than the units sold in 2014. This growth has several direct causes, one of which is the perceived improvement in the Spanish economy and the creation of jobs. An economic climate that is far from being ideal, but it is certainly much more halaguëño than two or three years ago. The successive plans PIVE – we are currently in the second part of the Plan PIVE 8 – have also driven the sales of vehicles.


For channel, the greatest growth has shown has been the channel business. The corporate sales have grown by 30.9% with 283.069 units registered. The channels of individuals and companies of car rental have experienced a growth more moderate, respectively 18.8% and 13.7%. All in all, despite these favourable, the age of the fleet of Spanish continues to climb. Currently, the average age of the cars that circulate on our roads is 11.6 years.

All Autonomous Communities have increased their sales of cars with respect to the year 2014.

In official statements, ANFAC estimated that in 2016 it will sell around 1.1 million cars in Spain, and in 2017 will reach 1.2 million cars sold. This figure is the one that corresponds to us by GDP per capita and population, but their achievement depends on a commitment with the sector on the part of the powers that be. Yes, the employer makes the same speech every year. However, we have noticed that this time has an optimistic tone, away from the future fateful that the sector saw just a few years ago.


The profitability of the dealers is around 1%, without major changes compared to the previous year. A profitability of the commercial network seeks to improve, which is accounted for by the necessity of maintaining at very low prices. Soon we’ll dive deep into the best selling models in our country in 2015, but we can already anticiparos the best selling car has been the SEAT Lion, with 33.268 units. In second place we have the SEAT Ibiza with 31.736 units and in third place is the Volkswagen Golf, with 29.212 units.

Source: ANFAC
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