2016 BMW 7 Series new engines and two hybrid versions

bmw serie7 2016 2 BMW Serie 7 2016 sus nuevos motores y dos versiones híbridas The flagship of the German brand in luxury and representation has been passed down through history achieving great success as critical. Since its launch in 1977, has passed for being the first model with xenon headlights, we wished everyone when 007 drove him from his cell for parking until our time becoming a big sedan with luxury amenities and driving positions infarction, but was always on the tail of his rivals.

And in these times, since the current 7 Series has more than five years behind, while rivals eat more direct further piece of cake with updates and restylings, until now. Intended for early 2016 , we have juicy information about their new engines for the next Series 7 and what you’ll find under the hood you will surprise four mechanical petrol, one diesel and two hybrid versions.

bmw serie7 2016 3 BMW Serie 7 2016 sus nuevos motores y dos versiones híbridas assume there will be more diesel versions but praise safety demonstrating to bet first by mechanical gasoline. For starters, the most basic version comes with the greatest surprise, the 730i have 260cv turbo new engine four-cylinder and two liters such good results you are giving to the Bavarian firm. Continuing the scale we find the 740i will get offer 330hp about a variant of the famous six-cylinder turbocharged inline. As we continue climbing this ladder and almost before reaching the end we get into the mechanics V8 to mount the 750i and 750Li giving 460CV managed solely by traction xDrive all-wheel drive.

Since we only have one more step to climb, to find a mechanism that refuses to disappear and now equips the Rolls Royce Wraith will mount versions 760i and 760Li. This block V12 with two turbochargers are estimated to get reach the magic figure of 600cv , to never be late for a meeting or to hear the lovely sound of a twelve-cylinder engine. [1999003 ]

bmw-serie7-2016 (4) But if you are one of those who think that in the XXI century could not rely solely on something as banal and rudimentary as combustion, BMW is preparing two hybrid versions, the 730E and 740e. First, the 730E is expected to reach the 275CV with consumption slightly over 2 liters per 100 kilometers thanks a four cylinder turbo and the combined power of the electric motor. For his part 740e equip the six-cylinder in line with the electrical part would hopefully reach 400hp . Both versions have their purely electric operation with 60 or 100 km of autonomy depending on the version and reach speeds up to 120km / h .

But even if you do not trust the innovative hybrid mechanical, or you want the consumption of large gas blocks, always will be successful 730d version is expected to increase its power to 272CV . Only news this version but quiet, I’m sure almost one hundred percent that will 740d or 750D .

bmw-serie7-2016 (1) Although BMW anything is possible, in these same pictures and although it is heavily camouflaged can already see significant change in the design of optical and mounted laser headlights i8 . But only that will catch? A world of unknowns were born to the versions i brand created. But now with the renovation of new models like the 7 Series 2016 who knows. We might see the mechanics of the i8 in the bowels of Series 7. Would you like to?

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