2016 comes with a Pagani Huayra BC, even more beast, and this is its impressive rear

2016 promises to be a good year for lovers of the sport’s most powerful and exclusive on the face of the Earth, and especially for those that can afford to acquire cars that exceed the savings of several lives of work of any citizen is deadly. In 2015, the Pagani Huayra hung the sign of sold out. The 100 units planned initially had been allocated to its future and proud owners. And while Pagani is facing the final stretch of the production of the Huayra is already reserved, we have been gifted with an advance by way of surprise in the new year, an image that shows us the evolution of the Pagani Huayra, which will be more beast, more sporty.

After being awarded the 100 units initially planned, the Huayra is facing an evolution even more radical, following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Zonda.

This bare-bones, but illustrative of advancement, does not reveal any detail about his technique or mechanics. Judging by the publication of Pagani Automobili in your Facebook would be called the Pagani Huayra BC. it Is licit to think that Pagani will give a new twist to your engine of twelve cylinders, and source Mercedes-AMG, to overcome the 730 horsepower for the Huayra, which we knew to date. We should also find a review of aesthetics, technical solutions even more innovative, and above all a tune-up, more sporty. The Huayra would be following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Zonda, and the different developments Pagani took place over more than a decade.

But without a doubt, the detail of the more eye-catching, and the big difference – at least visually – we appreciate between a Huayra and this new Huayra BC we have it in your rear spoiler. Pagani would have made even more the aerodynamics of the Huayra with the sights set on the circuits. So that the characteristic aletines mobile of the rear of the Huayra would now be accompanied by a large spoiler fixed.

Everything points to what we will know in a few weeks. Expected at the Geneva motor show in early march.

Source: Pagani
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