2016 Nissan Pulsar range: with mechanical Euro6 now

Nissan has adapted the Nissan Pulsar powertrain range of its recent compact, a introduced a year ago, to now offer a mechanical adapted to emissions regulations Euro6 . No aesthetic changes, either in or outside the cabin, we find the following range option when buy a Nissan Pulsar

Euro6 Nissan Pulsar range:


DIG -T Visia 115 hp 18,700 euros
DIG-T Acenta 115 hp 20,150 euros
DIG-T N-TEC 115 hp 21,850 euros
DIG-T 115 hp X-Tronic (automatic) N-Tec 23,050 euros
DIG-T Tekna 115 hp 23,550 euros
DIG-T 115 hp X-Tronic (Automatic) Tekna 24,750 euros
DIG-T Tekna 190 hp 26,650 euros


110 hp dCi Visia 20,250 euros
110 hp dCi Acenta 21,700 euros
110 hp dCi N-TEC 23,400 euros
110 hp dCi Tekna 25,100 euros

By equipment each trim level includes the following elements:

powered by

Visia Air conditioning, power windows, steel wheels 16 inches, electric mirrors, bluetooth, multifunction steering wheel,

Acenta : on the Visia finish adds light and rain sensor, dimming rearview mirror, center armrest, dual zone climate control, alloy wheels 16-inch wheel and leather shift knob, heated mirrors, boot button,

N-TEC : Upon finishing Visia adds darkened rear windows, rear view camera, alloy wheels 17-inch light LED front, front fog lights, system multimedia touchscreen 5.8 inch browser, stereo 6 speakers, intelligent protection shield with anti frontal collision and smart key system (keyless entry).

Tekna : Upon finishing N-TEC adds intelligent protection shield 2 Blind Spot, warning of unintentional lane change and motion detector, heated front seats, leather upholstery, mirrors electrically folding camera system 360.

In promotion, you can now make a Nissan Pulsar for 12,900 euros, the same price as a Juke.

Prices do not include promotions. For example we are now a Nissan Pulsar with the engine DIG-T 115 hp and finish Visia has a promotional price of 12,900 euros including Plan PIVE 8 and financing the purchase with the financial proposal for the brand.

Euro6 What is and what has to adapt to this Nissan Pulsar?

The dCi 110 hp engine now has more torque and consumes less. The X-Tronic change also improves.

A few days ago we told all the details about the rules Euro6 in the article “The Euro6 regulations 6 key: do you need to know and how it affects you,” but How has this adaptation to engines Nissan Pulsar?

The most notable changes have occurred in the 110 hp diesel mechanics where the original catalyst has been replaced so from the brand called as NOx trap , requiring no additives urea (AdBlue) to meet these new regulations require Euro6 like other firms.

In addition to the NOx trap we find improvements in internal friction and a review of the electronic management , two parameters are also improved in the propellant gas DIG -T 115 hp.

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