2016 smart fortwo cabrio: the smart is descapota! These are their main differences with the coupe

It’s here. The new smart fortwo cabrio will land in showrooms in February 2016, fully renovated product, more casual, modern and fun, while preserving its lifetime convertible concept. A new concept in its category over the past two decades have gained more than 220,000 customers. But what the smart fortwo cabrio 2016 and why you should (or not) to choose it instead of the coupe? What are the differences between coupe and cabrio are? how its hood work?

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Its dimensions are exactly the same. It measures 2.69 meters long, 1.66 meters high and 1.55 meters wide. It will ship with engines 52 kW (71 hp) and 66 kW (90 hp) . Both will be available with five-speed manual gearbox or the new dual clutch transmission (see proof of change twinamic).

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Aesthetically, the smart fortwo cabrio 2016 is very similar to its coupe counterpart. The front is the same, and the structure tridion that can be configured with different tones to the rest of the body. With the proviso that the B pillar is narrower and inclined. The hood also conditions the roof design and integration of the tailgate, which discussed below.

smart-fortwo-cabrio-2016-25 The smart fortwo is based, like its predecessor, in a hood retractable canvas, which has an electrical system to open and close that allows us to travel open pit with the top folded back . The process of opening and closing is done in 12 seconds and it is possible from within the vehicle and from the outside, using a button for this purpose in our remote control. In any case, the horizontal roof pillars must be removed manually.

smart-fortwo-cabrio-2016-07 In the above image can be seen exactly how the hood is folded . As the uprights of the roof removed. Smart assures us that this new generation fortwo cabrio has improved structural rigidity by 15%.

smart-fortwo-cabrio-2016-17 to remove the studs obviously is necessary to stop the car and get off of it. If it looks as smart system has retained its predecessor, the dismantling of the uprights only takes a few seconds. It’s a great idea to get that experience convertible is complete.


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The roof pillars can be stored in a receptacle installed in the trunk lid itself , which descends to stand horizontally. So do not take up more trunk space, or move while driving. An intelligent and very practical idea.

The trunk, as shown in the picture above, is severely limited by the hood. The smart fortwo cabrio retains the lid of the lower trunk, but not the upper folding glass, which has been replaced by a transparent sheet handy integrated into the roof itself.

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Test smart fortwo 2015: 8 Keys to remain the king of the city

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