2016 Toyota Prius: the icon is renewed! And these are the 5 keys of the new generation Prius

18 years have passed since the birth of the original, the model would become its own merits, in the hybrid car silhouette in the silhouette of the efficiency and technology of the Century XXI . 3.5 million units sold worldwide after the 2016 Toyota Prius becomes the fourth generation of an icon, the icon Toyota Prius. A generational change will mean a big jump in the aesthetic and technological. We are probably talking about the most important developments of the Prius in more than a decade. An event important enough to be excited to a certain point. What are the 5 keys of the new 2016 Toyota Prius?

The most important development, the most radical of the new Toyota Prius 2016 has taken place in his body, in the aesthetic. Kammback regards the design of its predecessor, but is more aggressive and modern than ever.

1. Design . Obvious. The new 2016 Toyota Prius design has changed radically. His strokes are more aggressive and exotic than ever, your line very marked. Kammback continues to use the style (see article, why are so “ugly” some hybrid?) To that topped by a spoiler that bisects the rear window parts, and defining a completely vertical drop behind the back.

In the front, the headlights are more aggressive than ever, with capricious forms that also include the design of the hood and fenders. Its tail lights in inverted vee extending full height. We talked about a fairly radical change, órdago to upgrade its aesthetics.


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2. Efficiency . While waiting for more details about its mechanics, which has been completely revised, we may be well aware that their efficiency will improve significantly. Approved its consumption should be located somewhere close to the 3.5 liters / 100 kilometers. In any case, the fact that we provide in the coming days. The Prius is to remain the most efficient and clean car, without the need to plug battery systems.

Toyota also says his mechanics are more refined, this new Prius will be faster and agile, and less noisy. One detail that is appreciated, since the nature of their engine and transmission made so far in heavy acceleration noise in the passenger compartment ostensible out.

toyota-prius-2016-03 3. An interior completely renovated, but with the same philosophy of always . On board, we find some of the keys that leaves Toyota Prius. We have a fully digital instrumentation installed in a central display on the dashboard. Under this, a center console that is gaining ground for a team of entertainment and touchscreen navigation of considerable dimensions.

assures us that Toyota has also improved its interior space and the capacity of its trunk, thanks mainly to the use of more compact and lighter batteries, which have greater energy density.


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4. A completely new platform . The new 2016 Toyota Prius will be the first to equip the new global architecture of Toyota, the Toyota New Global Architecture (tnga). Its length has grown 6 centimeters, 1.5 centimeters in width and height has decreased by 2 centimeters. It shall have a lower center of gravity and a suspension worked to make this a more agile car. Curiously, the Toyota emblem on the hood of the new Prius is the same height as the emblem used by Toyota GT 86 .

toyota-prius-2016-05 5. Technology . The Toyota Prius will debut the new package of driver assistance and safety systems Toyota Safety Sense (TSS). That means you will be provided with pre-collision system with emergency braking and pedestrian detection; lane keeping system with active steering correction; adaptive cruise control with radar; automation of lighthouses and far-reaching.


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For everything else, for more specific about the Toyota Prius details, we must still wait a few days. Still have to wait for Toyota to provide us with all the information about your big launch for next year.

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