2017 could begin with the launch of the new BMW 5-Series, what we’ll see at the Detroit motor show?

Mercedes has a renovated Mercedes E-Class among their ranks, and Audi has updated the Audi A6 with a face wash (to see all the details of the facelift of the Audi A6) with small new aesthetic, a new multimedia system… but… what about BMW and their BMW 5-Series? It seems that the firm has prepared since the debut of the new BMW 5-Series, a BMW 5 Series 2017 that we could know already, in just a few months.

don’t expect major advances in design, will be a continuation, but it will come loaded with technical features:

according To BMW blog the launch of the BMW 5-Series would be scheduled for the next month of January, making his debut, as you might have imagine, in the Salon de Detroit.

What will be new this generation?

is Still too soon to venture forth with their range of thrusters, but that we can already be sure of is that this model will inherit many advances introduced by the BMW 7-Series, starting with the constitution of his platform, nor would the aluminum and carbon fiber and following with the most technological, with the multimedia system of gestural control or headlights laser.

will Weigh less, considerably less, reducing their weight between 80 and 100 kg and in addition expected an important step in driving autonomous is concerned, something logical if we consider that its main rival, the BMW 5-Series, has made a great boast of this at launch, but we will have to wait to see that autonomous functions it incorporates.