2017 will be a thing of McLaren-Honda, Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari

Jenson Button en el corralito de prensaAccording to Jenson Button, in 2017 will remain a fight between four. If the british pilot has reason, 2017 will be a great year for F1, with four teams fighting for the championship and with the new rules imposed by the FIA. As you know, has been removed from the absurd rule of the tokens, and allow an open development of the engine, also the aerodynamics back to its golden era with cars with more downforce and more hard drive.

The Pirelli tyres will also change and will be more wides the current, so it will recover a bit on the aesthetics and dynamic of the cars of a few years ago. Without a doubt it will be a great news and I’m looking forward to the next championship. In addition, as he says Alonso and other, Mercedes continue to dominate, not to change the rules. With the change of rules all equals more and all have opportunities to innovate and interpret the regulation differently to take advantage of.

Jenson Button MP4-31Red Bull also looks very strong, with an Adrian Newey much more motivated to improve aerodynamics and give a greater role, so careful with the cars of energy drinks. In my opinion, Mercedes did a good job with their engine and that has allowed him to focus their efforts on the chassis, so have a good chassis. But Peter McLaren and Adrian of Red Bull, will be able to show off in 2017 with the aerodynamics, without detracting from the rest and waiting to see where it lands the great James Allison.

To this 2016 is already pretty defined, the constructors ‘ championship and drivers will take you safe Mercedes and the trend of these last few races, Nico Rosberg seems to be something off, defeated by Hamilton, so if you do not change after the summer vacation, Lewis is going the way of return to become champion of the world in F√≥rmual 1. We can only wait how it will be Red Bull in the second half, how will progress McLaren-Honda with the last token and improvements (already thinking of more in 2017) and if Ferrari continues to fall…