20V20 SEAT, SEAT’s future is a passionate SUV and is in the Geneva

The Geneva Motor Show gives us its early stages, and SEAT just taught us briefly SEAT 20V20 . An acronym which teaches us the vision of SEAT . A passionate future in which there is room for a SUV medium like your president just drive to the middle of the Volkswagen Group Night. Teasers As anticipated, the SEAT 20V20 has a lot of León, and is intended: Lion exploit success that all SEAT continue in the future the same conceptual and stylistic line.

And first SUV SEAT history , we will not forget.

With the dynamism and flag design, comes a new era SEAT

In 2008 SEAT also presented a prototype SUV , but the 20V20 is true overtones to reach the assembly lines.

The pictures that we live in Geneva reveal very muscular body curd details and lines adorning a very dynamic and expressive body whose measures should be around about 4.50 or 4 60 meters. Is encompassed in the category directly SUV medium further exploiting boom spectacular SUV -crossover recent years. We already knew his triangular eyes with lashes LED to a headlights 100% LED too.

The wheel arches are very marked, although very prototype has details – such enormous size wheels or door handles flush with the bodywork – the 20V20 is very close to a production vehicle . Take away these items, put tires on a more reasonable size, registration plates and have the future SEAT wheel. Soon we will know more details and a full press release. At the moment, we offer this interesting appetizer.


In Diariomotor: This is the look of SUV from SEAT

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