24 Hours Ford 2015 images in 24: fun and solidarity in the Jarama

As every year, it was held a new edition of 24 Hours Ford at the Jarama circuit in Madrid. And, like every year, we have been there to participate and tell thee. For us it is a very special event, so that means, and how well we had regardless of the outcome. In 2011 even we formed our own team and we have continued going as guests to this race, which actually is not a race, to support charitable purposes that are promoted, applaud the initiative of a brand like Ford to invest in a project like this and have a good time with fellow professionals and celebrities, the monkey dressed and go deseinteresadamente to contribute to the cause.

1. is not a race, but no rivalry, and in the end everyone wins . I love the 24 Hours define Ford in this way. The dynamic test is based on getting to the most laps in 24 hours with a limited amount of fuel. That means that the final result will be based on the team’s ability to achieve its objectives based on the skills of its pilots and planning.

Intermix concepts of resistance, while over 24 hours there relays (with 9 riders per team), refueling, tire changes, in some cases mechanical incidents, and so on. It is also important to follow strategies regularity and efficiency, since the planning of the rhythms, keeping constant over time, and attain the fastest with the lowest consumption are the only keys to overcome.


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2. At 17:00 on Friday, July 10 gives the starting signal . Jesus Alonso, Managing Director of Ford Spain, waving the flag. The race is on. The departure is from the finish line. The starting positions are irrelevant, while the race is very long. The first relay the made famous who serve as ambassadors of each brand.

24-horas-ford-2015-06-1440px 3. Our team is the number # 4. Our ambassadors shall Carolina Lapausa, you have found a free weekend between filming a few days to start working on the next film project, and Luis Ramiro, today releases the guitar to take the wheel.

24-horas-ford-2015-mdm-04-1440px 4. The Mozambique Sur Foundation , the NGO that we will support this weekend, has decorated our box to remind us that all our efforts will be for them. The South Mozambique Foundation works on different projects in the African country, focused on very different areas, but very basic for the survival of many families living in extreme poverty, areas such as education, employment, health, and agriculture and environment. They remind us that the situation is so extreme in the area in which they work that unquestionably your help save many lives directly.

24-horas-ford-2015-mdm-18-1440px 5. Ford work 24 hours due to the contribution of the different parties. Ford, for leading the initiative and invest in this project; The NGO , which ultimately will be the major beneficiaries; participants to contribute their bit; famous for working as ambassadors of the projects of each NGO . But it is also vital involving different media . This year were present ABC (our team), cubic centimeters, AS, Car Magazine, El Mundo, Cars – High End – Love, Reason, Motorpress Iberian, One Magazine, and Top Auto. As we told you earlier, in 2011 we were able to form a team of motor.


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6. This year heat will be the main protagonist in the Jarama . We will have a blazing sun, temperatures at the edge of the 40ªC and 24 hours ahead to enjoy, and sometimes suffer a little.

24-horas-ford-2015-05-1440px 7. The car chosen for this year’s Ford Focus ST 2 0.0 TDCi (see information Ford Focus ST 2015 ). The choice we liked. While ST, is a visually attractive car, and though its engine is diesel, chassis and equipment is the same as a gasoline ST. That means we will have a car with a very stiff frame, perfect to gain speed in cornering and better control with few swings. We are also glad that we will have a comfortable Recaro seats, which also hold great behind us. The engine is a 185 hp diesel, which according to Ford will be the choice of more than half of customers opting for a ST from now.

24-horas-ford-2015-mdm-13-1440px 8. BP and Castrol also contribute to the development of this test. We will have a total of 215 liters of diesel to cross the finish line within 24 hours. Given that the deposit of our Focus has 60 liter capacity, this means that at least in the best case, we have to make three refueling.

24-horas-ford-2015-mdm-14-1440px 9. Continental has been the supplier of tires to the test. By legislation, it requires at least one change of tires, front, no later than 14 hours race. As high temperatures and the demands we find the circuit and driving practice – drawing with chalk line, and sometimes relying too much on pianos, or requiring the tire to seek work – do we have to propose strategies to care tires. Most teams had to use three sets of front tires, and therefore do two wheel changes. We managed to finish the race with only two sets of front tires, though, as seen in this picture, the left front tire shoulder suffered a great time.

24-horas-ford-2015-mdm-09-1440px 10. Night falls , the heat of the day gives way to a fresh brisita in the box certainly appreciated. But the action on the track does not stop.

24-horas-ford-2015-mdm-03-1440px 11. The maximum duration of a relay is one hour . That means every 50 minutes we plan carefully around where we have to do the next relay.

24-horas-ford-2015-mdm-11-1440px 12. Through the night, also they begin first tire changes . Within minutes, the car enters the garage, cats raise their body, complete wheel with used tires is removed and a complete wheel with tire mounted premiere.


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13. Microsoft, X-Box and Forza have also sponsored this year’s 24 Hours Ford. Between relief and relief, we can have a race to the latest edition of Forza, which will appear featuring the Forza GT, simulators installed in boxes.

24-horas-ford-2015-mdm-08-1440px 14. Meanwhile, a group of kids compete in two simulators . They are also conducting an endurance race on Forza GT, 24 hours simultaneously with the race being held on the track. The circuit you have chosen has been to the Nurburgring – his great courage – and each relay has a duration of 2 hours


24-horas-ford-2015-mdm-02-1440px 15. Another of the stars of the 24 Hours Ford 2015 was the Ford GT . Ford got came from the United States one of the prototypes of Ford GT 2016 , namely that we saw at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year.

24-horas-ford-2015-03-1440px 16. During the night, our team, the # 4, is aware that chances of getting a good result are exhausted . We had many problems in the early hours, no fuel bills and even showed up we stood for a few minutes with a mechanical problem, perhaps caused by misuse of the clutch and manual transmission.


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17. Sunrise on Saturday, and again heat will star . Until 17:00 hours in the 24 hours ending Ford 2015, there is still time to enjoy on track but also to spend a lot of heat.

19585641275_6f64b5e292_o-1440px 18. The Ford Mustang GT also starred in these 24 Hours 2015. Ford was present on track and in the paddock, to the delight of those who approached the Jarama this weekend. Read our test of the 2015 Ford Mustang

19413562359_9324c1e4ba_o-1440px 19. Ford also took the opportunity to show their new strategy SUVs . Since the Sport equipment lines until the climax of the performance, the Ford GT, through the intermediate lines Focus ST and Fiesta ST, the hottest, Mustang and Focus RS.

19585644535_264ae135e4_o-1440px 20. The race went with 11 cars on track . They all came to the finish with the fuel had foreseen the organization.


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21. Our car reaches the box . We have reached the last, but the experience has been really good.

24-horas-ford-2015-02-1440px 22. End 24 Hours Ford . Within a year we’ll meet again here …

19420955640_e3ebd1a54c_o-1440px 23. The winners, the Foundation Apascovi team, sponsored by La Razon celebrate their victory. The Apascovi Foundation will receive € 38,000, for a total of € 138,000 this weekend will be distributed at 11 NGO participants.


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24. Until next year …

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