24 Hours … of Citroen 2CV. So the race is craziest and funniest resistance [video]

The Citroen 2CV are small rolling wonders. Simple to the utmost, in its simplicity lies its grace. They say they could use bananas instead of oil and some even have become motorbikes. Million units were produced, and the UK is held annually an endurance of 24 hours in which the protagonists are the Citroen 2CV. A competition that takes place in the Welsh Anglesey circuit, and is possibly career craziest and funniest resistance the world.

All 2CV engine must retain the factory, not worth are assembling motorcycle engines, for example.

All cars have changed, some of them very crazy shapes. You can view some units with different bodies at all what we expected from a Citroen 2CV. All participants have lowered their suspensions and some use modified versions of the two-cylinder boxer engine air cooled . But all cars must use this engine to ensure a level playing field. It is most picturesque view compete with each other all these nice utility from another era.

Lightweighted, emptied and fitted with roll bars bacquets . But with a common goal: to have fun. The teams compete against each other, but also help in case of breakdowns. A collaboration that will not see the 24 Hours of Le Mans, I assure you. At night the lights come on, and the LED strips and distinctive headlights 2CV. Friends and family, not professional – – pilots and mechanics alternate sleep in the garage at night. You better see for yourselves how this test works great car.

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