24 hours of Daytona: results of the free and classification

Start the free practice of Daytona and what is certain is that Fernando Alonso has not started too well, or rather, your computer. United Austosport has not been able to ride enough due to an accident in the first session of free. The car that share the pilots of the team has impacted (when he was piloting Philip Hanson) against the barriers and has been corrupted, causing a red flag and preventing Alonso would be perfect to roll and confining him inside to the 18th position.

however the LMP2 are not the fastest, we lack a bit of pace and surprise of today have given Mazda’s DPi team Team Joest that have been placed first. In terms of this first session is free, the other spaniards have not had the best results with the exception of Juncadella has been able to sneak to about three tenths of the first with his LMP2 with the times which have achieved the four riders of his team. In terms of Garcia has been 25 with the GTLM and Molina has entered the 29 with GTD.

In the LMP2 Alonso had to try many new things that have not been able to be tested in the primersa penalty for that accident, so that the program of the second will be more compact. Nevertheless, it seems that the team exudes optimism despite the fact that they have not had the performance that they expected, but will improve with the changes that are going to make and for qualifying and the race could be something higher and then try to fish in rio scrambled eggs and opt for that Top5 that have been marked as a target…

In the second session of free Alonso has been able to climb into the car, and marked the first time that he has have served to place 7th while Lando Norris, his partner, has managed to climb up to 5th place. Little by little they have been able to go down the times to go climbing positions, but the prototypes DPi have not been tight at the beginning, marking time low and little by little have been positioned in the top positions of the table of times when you have tight fund relegating Alonso to the 12th. As to Molina, Garcia, and Juncadella, the truth is that it has been a session rare and have not been uploaded to the cars.

In the free 3 and classification we’ve seen more action on the track, the weird thing at Daytona is that the free is played after the qualifying, something that Formula 1 is not as well and all the practice sessions of free dispute before the classification. But there is a reason and that is that you can spend to prepare 100% for the race tomorrow. By the way, the race that gets complicated because Lando Norris has been gone through two times the speed in the pit lane and therefore have a drive throuhg a penalty in the race, bad news for Alonso… because they share a car. In addition, the times of the classification for the Ligier has not been very encouraging (13th), so we’ll see if they can meet their goals in the race or not…

– free Results 1

#8211; #8211;
Position Alignment Time
1 #77 Team Joest Mazda DPi Jarvis/Nunez/Rast 1’37″428
2 #90 Spirit of Daytona Cadillac DPi McMurry/Vautier/Cheever +0″007
3 #10 Konica Minolta Cadillac DPi Taylor/Hunter-Reay/Van der Zande +0″024
4 #5 Mustang Sampling Racing Cadillac DPi Fittipaldi/Barbosa/Albuquerque +0″091
5 #78 Jackie Chan DC Racing ORECA LMP2 Tung/Brundle/Habsburg/Da Costa +0″102
6 #54 CORE Autosport ORECA LMP2 Bennett/Braun/Dumas/Duval +0″135
7 #37 Jackie Chan DC Racing ORECA LMP2 Juncadella/Stroll/Rosenqvist/Frijns +0″338
8 #31 Whelen Engineering Cadillac DPi Nasr/Curran/Conway/Middleton +0″416
9 #38 Performance Tech ORECA LMP2 French/O Ward/Masson/Miller +0″438
10 #7 Team Penske Acura DPI Castroneves/Taylor/Rahal +0″656
. . . .
18 #23 United AUsosports Ligier JS17 Alonso/Hanson/Norris +2″985
. . . .
25 #3 Corvette Racing Chevrolet C7R GTLM Garcia/Magnussen/Rockenfeller +7″249
. . . .
29 #82 Risi Competizione Ferrari 488 GT3 GTD Molina/Perez de Lara/Sources/Creel/Grifin +9″633

– free Results 2

#8211; #8211;
Position Alignment Time
1 #7 Acura Team Penske Castroneves/Taylor/Rahal 1’37″036
2 #22 Tequila Patron ESM Overbeek/Derani/Lapierre +0″324
3 #5 Mustang Sampling Racing Alburquerque/Barbosa/Fittipaldi +0″349
4 #54 Core Autosport Bennett/Dumas/Braun/Duval +0″577
5 #55 Mazda Team Joest Bomarito/Tincknell/Pigot +0″580
6 #10 KOnica Minolta Cadillac Taylor/Van der Zande/Hunter-Reay +0″659
7 #2 Tequila Patron ESM Sharp/Dalzlel/Pla +0″663
8 #77 Mazda Team Joest Jarvis/Nuñez/Rast +0″675
9 #31 Whelen Engineering Nasr/Curran/Conway/Middleton +0″735
10 #32 United Autosports Owen/Sadeleer/Di Resta/Senna +0″888
11 #37 Jackie Chan DCR Jack Stroll/JUncadella/Rosenqvist/Frijns +0″897
12 #23 United Austosports Alonso/Norris/Hanson +0″924
. . . .
21 #3 Corvette Racing Chevrolet C7R Garcia/Magnussen/Rockenfeller +6″934
. . . .
30 #82 Risi Competizione Ferrari 488 GT3 Molina/Perez de Lara/Sources/Grifin +9″996

Results classification

#8211; #8211;
Position Alignment Time
1 #10 Konica Minolta Cadillac Taylor/Van Der Zande/Hunter-Reay 1’36″084
2 #7 Acura Team Penske Castroneves/Taylor/Rahal +0″007
3 #5 Mustang Sampling Racing Albuquerque/Barbosa/Fittipaldi +0″111
4 #38 Performance Tech Motorsports French/O Ward/asson/MIller +0″235
5 #90 Spirit of Daytona Racing McMurry/Vautier/Cheever +0″389
6 #37 Jackie Chan DCR Jack Juncadella/Stroll/Rosenqvist/Fijns +0″409
7 #31 Whelen Engineering Racing Nasr/Curran/Conway/Middleton +0″425
8 #54 Core Autosport Bennett/Braun/Dumas/Duval 0″484
9 #55 Mazda Team JOes Bomarito/Tincknell/Pigot +0″550
10 #6 Acura Team Penske Cameron/Montoya/Pagenaud +0″848
. . . .
13 #23 United Autosports Ligier JS17 Alonso/Norris/Hanson +0″925
. . . .
18 #3 Corvette Racing CHevrolet C7R Garcia/Magnussen/Rockenfeller +6″696
. . . .
29 #82 Risi Competizione Ferrari 488 GT3 Molina/Perez de Lara/Sources/Creel/GRiffin +10″419

– free Results 3

#8211; #8211;
Position Alignment Time

Morning of the race

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