“24 Le Mans”: 24 stories for love, career, more famous in the world

what I have told you already how much we love the 24 Hours of Le Mans? Since 1923, Le Mans has been the laboratory of technical research of the manufacturers, that has produced such inventions as the automatic wipers, or brake disc. The 24 Hours of Le Mans have been generated, for posterity, stories that speak of epic, glory, and misfortune, culture, technology, and passion for the competition. That passion has been precisely that has led to our colleague Luis Ortego to publish the book “24 for Le Mans,”, which is presented these days in Madrid.

Our readers will know to Louis Ortego for the articles that you have published with us, in motor, and in Tecmovia, since 2012, some of which you’ll now find in this book edited by the books of The(a) safety pin. Art historian and fan of the hire in equal parts, works since 2005 in the research of the relationships between car and culture, encompassing art, literature, cinema, design, advertising, architecture and urbanism.

it is Also possible that you may understand the blog, in which from ten years ago, offers such a vision so different from the world of the automobile, Where is the tank…?


“24 for Le Mans,” aims to address some of the stories more memorable of the 24 Hours of Le Mans over the last 92 years, and 82 editions of the race. From the intriguing attempt of Ford to buy Ferrari in the 60s, up to the victories of Jaguar in the 50’s despite the devastation of Coventry during the Second World War. Stories such as the epic of Levegh in 1952, pioneering women of motorsports in the 30’s, or figure forgotten of Ken miles in the project Ford GT40. Even the cultural and social dimension of the race, as the project BMW Art Cars, or Steve McQueen and the filming of “Le Mans”.

This book will be presented next Wednesday, November 16, at 19 hours in the bookstore-café The Good Life, in the Calle Vergara no. 5 of Madrid. And we will be there to share a very special afternoon with our companion, and, above all, to know the amazing stories that she has gathered in this book, which will become, sure, in a perfect gift for this christmas.

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