25 million euros for the last square of the Formula E


The Formula And lives in a state of grace. The ePrix of Hong Kong has served to welcome Jaguar, BMW and Faraday Future as new manufacturers present in the championship, one way or another, although perhaps in this aspect, the reservation of plaza de Mercedes for the ‘Season Five’ and the arrival of McLaren as a supplier of batteries represent the confirmation of the success of the category. With one slot still to be allocated -assuming that Mercedes will make effective your reservation – for the season 2018-19, the Formula And not in a hurry to choose, and you can almost decant by the highest bidder.

In this aspect, Alejandro Agag in a statement to ‘Autosport’ has put a price to this latest license. The computer or manufacturer that wants to land on the Formula And will have to pay at least 25 million euros. A figure that not only certifies the safety that has the CEO of the category of-find candidates, but also almost makes this square is occupied by a manufacturer, since few private teams can assume this amount. However, Techeetah is the only team without the presence of a manufacturer, although Nissan may end up with this condition in the near future.

Be that as it may, Alejandro Agag explained this decision: “I don’t know if there are projects willing to pay that money, but I want to protect those who are here. Private computers have made a great effort, have spent a large amount of human resources and also money. The teams are starting to be in a good economic position, but we have to be restrictive with this license and give it to the correct brand by a value that in some way compensate for what you have already invested in the equipment and brands that are already in the championship. we’re Going in the right direction and it is the right time to think about the future”.