25 years to the day that Skoda started a new life with Volkswagen


How to pass the time. 25 years since Skoda joined the Volkswagen

despite the fact that Skoda has more than years of history, was founded in 1895, we could say without fear to be mistaken that the last quarter of a century has been the most important of his race car. Today, march 28, meet 25 years of the firm who joined Skoda and the almighty Volkswagen Group.

Skoda started life, like many other manufacturers, as a producer of bicycle. A means of cheap transport for an era where austerity was the bread our of every day. However with the passage of the years, the brand, already strongly established, decided to switch to four-wheel – , giving thus start to a commercial stage that today we continue to enjoy.

Although many do not know, the founders of Skoda, Václav Laurin and Václav Klement, is proposed to attack the higher classes of the society with high-end cars, thus emerging their first model in the year 1905. In spite of your splendid host the outbreak of the First World War forced Skoda to abandon its manufacture, dedicating themselves to the weapons.


In a few years, Skoda went on to manufacture bicycles with cars like this Laurin&Klement

After the cessation of the violence, the economic situation in Europe resulted in a change of policy in the company, going then to produce trucks and industrial vehicles. over the following years the economic problems were the day-to-day of the Czech company, but there began to build a philosophy of austerity and stamina that has been evident throughout its history.

once those potholes Skoda resumed normal operations in the mid-1930s. However a new war, and the German occupation, forced once more to the company to cease its activity, going to be part of the Nazi party as the help and support of the German side, being directly controlled by Hermann Göring.

once more the czechs showed what they were made, and already in 1945, the same year the end of the Second World War, the company released its first car, once again, the Skoda 1101. In spite of belonging to the centralized economy of the communist regime Skoda knew how to keep his reputation during the following years, building models, half-way between the extraordinary and the uncommon, such as the Skoda 110 Super Sport Ferat Ferat, until another turning point: the arrival of the Skoda Favorit in 1987, later replaced by the Skoda Felicia.


The Skoda Felicia is one of the most important cars in the history of the Czech brand

, we Could say that this model saved the mark of a dark time, allowing to discover the entire world that despite the shortcomings, the company was able to manufacture cars certainly solvent. So much so that two european giants fixed on her with the intention of adding it to its portfolio of brands, Renault and Volkswagen.

it seemed that Skoda would become part of the French conglomerate, but after a few problems and a lack of agreement the German brand entered the battle by seizing control and giving so a second life, yes one more, to the Czech brand. Needless to say, the following history is known to all.

from that magical march 28, 1991, Skoda, strengthened by the presence of its parent company, started to launch models extremely competitive and attractive. Many of them ended up being a resounding commercial successes, such as the Skoda Octavia, the Skoda Fabia and the Skoda Superb. Three models that are the backbone of the brand today.


Over the years Skoda has been supported in the Fabia, Octavia and Superb in order to continue growing

despite the fact that the first time it was thought that Volkswagen acquired Skoda for a mere question of expansion to emerging markets, the truth has been all the contrary. 25 years after the czechs have proved to the germans, its good to do and that is why it is one of the best brands in general in the present day, with more than a million units delivered each year in more than 100 markets around the world.

But this has only been the history and present of a brand that is very special. If we look at the future projections are even more encouraging. Well it is true that the range Czech still has to be strengthened at certain points, but it will come. Within a few months we will see how it is so with the arrival of its first SUV, which had a breakthrough in the past Geneva motor show with the Skoda VisionS.

As it is said, history is written by the victors, and in its more than 120 years of history, the Czech brand has managed to overcome tough setbacks. A philosophy and an evolution that would proudly to its two founders, the gentlemen Laurin and Klement, which today are represented in the mark as the highest model of the range. A little reminder of what Skoda is capable of.


This is the immediate future of Skoda, and what is to come