250 HP, and a start to a radical point: what are the Renault Clio RS most radical ever created?

In your screens is the one that might be the Renault Clio most powerful and radical ever created. It is a filtration of a Renault Clio RS high-flying that will be presented next week, coinciding with the Monaco GP. Although it is advisable to take the images with a pinch of skepticism, the filtration of Renault Sport seems legitimate. With the classic yellow of the division of sports Renault, presents with an aggressive body kit and a mechanical completely revised, with up to 250 HP of power.

250 HP, a tune wild and a driving position openly focused on a high-performance in-circuit.

take a Look at your front. A detail very curious is that the fog lamps are replaced by a checkered flag luminous, possibly with a function only daytime. The grace of this Renault Clio RS and radical is in the details. Its wheel arches have been even more widened, and even have outputs of aeration for the braking equipment. The black rims shod with high-performance tires seem to have been taken of the Renault Megane RS, like the huge spoiler located on the roof.

renault-sport-250cv-rs-3More aesthetic details can be seen in its line side, roof or rear-view mirrors, all with the common denominator of a black color. In its interior there will be a lot of new details, a steering wheel with lights and gear change integrated, seat sports and the possible suppression of the back seat, so common lately – I remember the case of the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S – in the interests of saving weight. The real differences with respect to the Renault Clio RS and its powerful version Trophy are under the hood, and in your running gear.

renault-sport-250cv-rs-5 engine 1.6 Tec from 220 HP to the Clio RS Trophy is the base of departure, to a power end which is estimated at 250 HP. Taking into account that the Trophy makes the 0 to 100 km/h in 6,6 seconds and has a tip of 235 km/h, it would not surprise me to see the RS 250 CV by spraying such records. Could receive a strong slimming diet, among other improvements to the running gear, focusing on suspension, brakes and gearbox. That except surprises, will remain a unit EDC dual-clutch six relations.

Source: autoblog.gr