3 clutches, and 11 marches: the revolutionary gearbox designed by Honda

how Many times have we talked about the limit on the number of gears or ratios in the gearbox, but today, we go a step beyond to discover this revolutionary patent of Honda which speaks of a automatic transmission with 11 gears managed through 3 clutches. We talk about a unique design in the industry that could revolutionize the automotive sector.


Does it make sense to keep looking for more and more relationships in the age of electrification?

The guys from Autoguide, have been responsible for discover in the patent office japanese a few schemes in the name of Honda Motor Co Ltd, in which you can discover a design of gearbox which has nothing to see with what is known. Honda would have designed a design in which get up to 11 gear ratios, using a system of 3 clutches for the management among the differences relationships.

According to sources of Honda, the patented design would seek to offer a significant improvement compared to automatic transmissions, double clutch that are so popular have been done in the present. The objective of employing such number of clutches and the relationships would be to achieve a lesser degree of interruption in the torque transmission, in addition to get best values of efficiency and economy of fuel.

Honda_NSX_fabrica_DM_2016_1Unfortunately we have not been able to have access to the schematics of the patent, however this design looks more like a patent protected, without more, that a real intention to bring to production such a complex system. Specialists in the manufacturing of automatic transmissions such as ZF have already warned of the pointlessness of seeking ever more relationships, more still remain critical areas for improvement such as energy losses, reduction of weight or complexity in mechanisms and electronics. Similarly, another manufacturer of cars of the first order as Koenigsegg has already demonstrated with the Koenigsegg Regera that the gearbox can be removed without using systems such as the Koenigsegg Direct Drive.

Images: Honda/Acura NSX 2016