3 reasons why the back of the SEAT Marbella is a great idea (and more if it is a mini SEAT Ateca)

certainly is the big rumor of the week. A means of Romania released the track. The return the SEAT Marbella is near. The news is still difficult to contrast, and, knowing the secrecy with which the manufacturers tend to treat this type of events. There is more to remember the last case, the closest, and the amount of names that were attributed to the SEAT Ateca until it is made official. In any case, after the rumor emerged around his name, we have to take into account that the hypothetical return of the SEAT Marbella itself hides a product plan extremely important for the SEAT in the next few years.

1. Because the old rockers never die.

What the hell. The return of an emblematic brand is an event that in some way or another we are all excited. And in this case more if it is a brand with a certain weight, as the SEAT Marbella, and a manufacturer who has been so important to our country, and has been linked to the motorization of many drivers. The SEAT Marbella was born in the eighties by way of review of the concept of the SEAT Panda, a derivative of the Fiat Panda. We will never forget her sleek profile, shoe box, its derivatives business, nor of the fact that this was the last model to have recourse to the aesthetic ochentera.

The idea of revival the name SEAT Marbella makes a lot of sense, and more in these days in which remakes are the order of the day, and the recovery of icons of yesteryear becomes a marketing exercise in the sea of interesting. Now, what will be the spiritual inheritor of the SEAT Marbella, or only a model which will take over your name?


2. Because if the SEAT Marbella had been born in this decade would be a crossover.

If we were to trace the genealogical line of the current range of SEAT we would find that the SEAT Mii was the true heir to the SEAT Arosa, as utilities urban, and that the SEAT of the estuary of the galician of his time would, from a position of modern, the space left by the SEAT Marbella after the cessation of your marketing.

with The new SEAT Marbella would be a product of volume, for all audiences, for all pockets, content, but at the same time attractive. And today there seems no better way to attract customer to throw a crossover. The growth of the range SEAT with an SUV below the SEAT Ateca seems, by all accounts, the most important movement that could make the brand in Martorell from the commercial point of view. Enter the battle with the Nissan Juke, or even dare with a product more content, economic, and urban areas, the Nissan, you can be one of the keys to growth that have been planned in the SEAT. Growth that according to the figures that we learn requires something more than a SEAT Ateca to encourage sales.


3. Because it might encourage the electrification of the SEAT.

The same track of Romania pointed in a direction not less interesting, that this would be the ideal base from which to launch the new electric SEAT. It is true that the electric ones are still starting, and its sales figures are still too discrete. It’s more, SEAT has enough fronts that reinforce and focus their attention on an electrical product. But still, the idea of launching a pure electric is still interesting, and important from the technological point of view. Even more if we take into account that the figures for SEAT Mii, which also enjoyed variant electric, were at least unobtrusive.

SEAT cannot lose sight of the advances that are occurring in the Volkswagen Group in recent years. And after the electrification of Volkswagen, SEAT should also enjoy the opportunity of having their own electric-based platforms, technologies, and mechanics, inherited from his older brothers Wolfsburg.