3 reasons why the Opel Astra GSi must return (and sure will return)

few months Ago we already had occasion to offer our first test of the Opel Astra 2016, a product that has convinced us, competitive, technological, and – very important – light. Llamadnos quemadillos (what we are), but at this point we can only wonder what surprises we have saved this new Opel Astra, especially in their larger versions, and sports. Will there be a new Opel Astra OPC? Of course, yes. Will there be a new Opel Astra GSi? We are convinced of this and we 5 reasons why a new Opel Astra GSi is a great idea.

1. Because GSi is an emblem with a lot of history for Opel.

The first reason to want a new Opel Astra GSi is, without a doubt, the nostalgia. There was a time in the compact sport and desired Opel made use of the emblem GSi. We talk about the Astra, but also of its predecessor, the Kadett; and its little brother, the Corsa. Even, there was a Opel Manta GSi. But probably the most well-known, especially among my fifth, those born around the eighties, the Kadett and the Astra GSi, which surprised all and sundry with the thrust of your engines 8 and 16 valves.

The emblem GSi, by the way, is the acronym that stands for Grand Sport Injection.

opel-astra-gsi-2016-razones-02In the photograph above of a driver, with a “look” to Noel Gallagher, driving a Kadett E GSi.

2. Because Opel needs a Astra sport for all ages.

The escalation of power that we have experienced in recent years, especially in the segment of compact sports, has made us pass days really fun. But we are also aware that the spirit of the GTI, GSi, and other acronyms as emblematic as these, there has been blurring. In that halo flagship sports, many compact sports have moved away from the economic spirit, for all ages and all pockets, which in its day had the GSi. That is not bad at all, we know that there will be a new Opel Astra OPC and to face up to its rivals it will be close, if not above, of the 300 HP of power. But what of truth are so necessary for so many horses to enjoy a compact spicy? No they are not, especially now that Opel has created a Astra much more lightweight and competitive.

that is why it Is necessary, almost essential, that Opel launches a compact somewhere above 200 HP, with a very spicy, dynamic enhancements, and a more accessible price than the future OPC. And guess what, the acronym GSi would fit perfectly in this philosophy.

few months Ago we had the occasion of tasting during a few kilometers to the new 1.6 Turbo 200 HP and, honestly, it was an engine really grateful with the driver. With an extra of power, and rage, an attractive design, and some adjustments in chassis, we would have a compact, spicy and really competitive.

opel-astra-gsi-2016-razones-03In 1987, the Opel Corsa GSi, illustrated in the top photograph.

3. Because a GSi would open the door to other mechanical (including – what a heresy – diesel).

it Is clear that diesels are still very important in Europe. In recent years we have also attended two trends are well differentiated, but are complemented. On the one hand, we have buyers looking for cars with sporty look, but not necessarily very powerful, or sports. The pressure of the authorities to monitor the excesses of speed, or simply a change in the mentality of the drivers, have made that increasingly more buyers are convinced that they don’t need much power to cover its needs. But not want to give up a car with sporty look.

on the other hand, we have also seen an increasing demand for vehicles with diesel engines that, in addition to enjoying a sporty look, make use of more powerful engines. A GSi would be the perfect opportunity not only to launch a gasoline engine, the 200 HP 1.6 Turbo and about 300 HP of the new OPC, but also for a diesel above the 160 HP of the new 1.6 CDTI biturbo, which has already premiered-the-range Astra. In addition it would make sense to trade. Did you know that more than half of the Ford Focus ST that sold today already equipped with a diesel engine?

Nor should we forget that the emblem GSi resisted until a few years ago in the Corsa, an Opel Corsa GSi that, in fact, also enjoyed a motor turbodiesel (which we tested a few years ago).


the formation of The Opel Performance Center in 1997, would make the GSi became relegated to oblivion, especially in their compact, the range Astra. But in recent months we have seen images, photos, spy, mule point you in the direction of a new Opel Astra powerful and spicy, but away from the brutality that is expected in the next OPC. There is more than a hint of that is coming to the Astra spicy below the OPC. One more reason to believe in the arrival of this GSi, which we are convinced that it makes more sense than ever in the new generation of Opel Astra.

What we will know in a few weeks, at the Geneva motor show this year? We believe that, yes.

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