340.000 units of Toyota Prius calls to review the hand brake

Toyota Prius Toyota Prius is probably the hybrid more popular and one of the forerunners in this type of vehicle. It was renovated relatively recently and has been in our market since the month of April. Now come the bad news for this model and the japanese brand has made a call to review. The possible problem that could affect the Prius would take place in the hand brake, which might not work correctly.

The call to review affects 340,000 units the Toyota Prius at the global level. In our country there will be an alarming number, since the most affected countries are Japan with 212.000 units and the united States with 94.000 units. The problem would come if when parking the vehicle does not put the change in the position ‘P’. In this case if you have a gear engaged and the parking brake does not work, the car could move and cause an accident.

Toyota Prius 2016 consumoAccording to the source this may have been, as they have reported some “accidents, injuries and deaths”, even though that information has not yet been proven. In any case, the solution would be fairly simple and would consist of install clips in the top of the cuff overall the cable of the hand brake. Toyota will begin to call the affected owners from November to proceed with the repair.

The Toyota Prius part of the 29.900 euros in our country and features a hybrid drive system. In the Present Engine we have already tested, without detecting this fault, and soon we will publish the report. In the face of doubt, has already been disproved that the Toyota Prius Prime may be affected. The model plug-in hybrid will arrive in the united States now in fall, while we’ll still have to wait for it to land in Europe.

Source – Reuters

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