3D printing, secret weapon of Ferrari for their new engine


For many years he has accused Ferrari of the lack of innovation in their designs, which has prevented from Maranello to reach the top places and to exercise the continuous application of pressure on the teams dominated the last few years: Red Bull and Mercedes.

But under the technical direction of Mattia Binotto, that could change, or at least is what emerges from the information disclosed by Motorsport. In addition, the innovation focuses on the specialty of Binotto during your stay in Ferrari: the engines.

And is that the Scuderia Ferrari is working with the introduction of 3D printing for the manufacture of new pistons engine for the Italian, who each time is more near perform at a level similar to that of Mercedes. Both the head of design of the thruster unit Lorenzo Sassi, responsible for the packaging of all the elements that make it up, Enrico Gualteri, are rushing the most out of the time available to implement different changes in the motor unit Italian.

The new piston discards the traditional aluminum alloy, more light, for a steel that can be worked in 3D. Thanks to the combination of both things, the reliability increases, but not necessarily the weight, since this type of printing allows you to work with thinner sections and more designs custom and adapted to the needs, as it does not pose the limitations of the molds and the casting.

in Addition, the team captained by Binotto works in a combustion chamber larger for to increase the pressure of work on the ignition system and also in a new injector provided by Marelli and some of them that aims to improve the power of the house of ignition, increasing the power and , reducing the consumption.

Logically, all of this compromises the reliability and the pistons of alloy steel are to minimize this weakness, because the aluminum probably could not.