4 benefits that we enjoy with the arrival of 3D printing the car

did you Know that some cars on the market already use parts made using 3D printing? There are not many manufacturers, but BMW, Ford and Koenigsegg have already begun to introduce this novel fabrication technique to to light of its many benefits. But let’s be honest, the industry is virtually in its infancy with respect to the 3D printing, and has just begun to walk the first few meters of this revolution. This is why it is so important that we know what will be the benefits you will enjoy once 3D printing is a technique more than any production line.


1 – It’s over the lack of Stock

With a 3D printer in every workshop, as you would not have to ask for more parts to Germany…

have you ever gone to the workshop for a particular piece, and you have responded with “lack of stock”?. The fabrication of parts for models on sale, or relatively “old” is performed by large orders in batches, which is why the manufacturers try to hoard large stock of parts in factories, warehouses and workshops. The problem comes when the need to cheapen processes, forces those orders to meet the stock have to accumulate thousands of requests, which leaves the client waiting for days, but weeks, to receiving that coveted piece.

3D printing, manufacturers of components will be able to cheapen the manufacture of parts, without the need of expensive molds for the manufacture of certain batches. If 3D printing is introduced on a large scale, even some manufacturers auxiliary speak of manufacturing of parts on demand, which would mean a significant savings of time and money for all parties.


2 – Pieces out-of-print will come to life and be better than your original

Not only will be producing parts that are no longer supported, but these will be better than your original version

If at times it is difficult to get specific components for modern vehicles, when we talk about classics, we find two real problems: possible absence of the piece that we seek and exorbitant price of that piece, if we are lucky enough to find it.

3D printing will solve this problem. Manufacturers such as Jaguar Land Rover and Ford, whose interest it is to keep alive his classics, and even to rescue them, is becoming more and more important, have talked at length about the possibilities of 3D printing to offer support to your clients and keep their best historical models. New parts using the original designs, but using materials and innovative processes that even allow you to improve the features of that classic conceived in the years ’60.


3 – Reduction and delocalization

Shops or workshops capable of fabricating parts on-demand

where There is a 3D printer and a computer will be able to fabricate parts. This idea has never been possible to apply, and it is now the time to think big and start to convert the delegations of according to manufacturers in industries at scales where they can produce components and parts on demand. The factories will continue to be large consumers, but why not imagine an official service to be able to make a particular piece.

This process also would provide an important reduction of the parts by eliminating the logistics, having as the only stumbling block is the patent of manufacturing and the use-protected.


4 – customization order will be infinite

With a 3D printer and a computer, anyone can manufacture their own parts, why not bet on it?

customization has become the new added value of every manufacturer worth its salt. The idea of owning a unique car sells, and sells a lot, but for the moment, only manufacturers more luxurious can afford what to put at the service of the client a legion of designers and artisans willing to fulfill their wishes. Ferrari, Aston Martin and Bentley are the great specialists in actualizing this idea of the car truly unique, but the higher your level of customization, the greater will be its cost seeing real crazy things with figures 3, 4 and 5 million euros.

In this way it is impossible to provide true customization for brands to general practitioners, for manufacturing large volumes of cars with specific details for each one would be a madness. Here 3D printing returns to offer a major boost thanks to the possibility of creating unique pieces, of truth, and may be added during the manufacturing process and without having to develop parallel processes to achieve this.

But we could look even further. Imagine that the manufacturers allow the download of drawings of certain pieces to it, using our own 3D printer at home, build our own housing from the rear view mirror, molding of the interior to our taste, accessories…