4 important news for you which introduces Android Auto for Google to prevail among the cars

The battle of Apple and Google to conquer the dashboards of our cars has not done more to start, but each improvement or presentation of new developments is of vital importance of face-to-convince manufacturers and customers to wager on a platform or another. More and more car manufacturers that installed serial compatibility with iOS Car Play or Android Auto, and that’s why Google has just released a first big update of Android Auto discovering interesting news.


1 – here Comes the Siri of Google

Without a doubt one of the major shortcomings of Android Auto in its staging. Although the Android system Auto allow the execution of certain voice commands, had great limitations in comparison with the possibilities of the interface to Apple’s Siri, with which you can perform a number of functions.

through the voice command “OK Google”, the same as that used Android through Google Now, the user will now be able to perform all kinds of functions without taking your hands off the wheel. According to Google, this new tool you can navigate through the communication system to make calls, to manage the navigation system the multimedia environment.


2 – Integration of Waze, the social network for drivers

here is one of the strong points of this new generation of Android Auto. Google has announced the intention of turning Waze on one of its strongholds, together with Google Maps. With the arrival of Waze on Android Auto, the navigation system of Google is growing in all the aspects receiving real-time notifications on accidents, incidents and all kinds of traffic information thanks to the greater community of users that exists of this type.


3 – Goodbye to wires, the wireless connection

The community of users of Android Auto has claimed since its inception a simpler interface to link our Android smartphone and the infotainment system of the car. Up to now, the only possibility is to make use of a cable, by a general rule with USB ports and Micro-USB, to connect phone and car.

Google has announced that the next step of Android Auto will be able to connect phone and car wirelessly, but it will not be through Bluetooth, but that will be over WiFi to get the maximum possible speed in the exchange of information. Here Google remember that this wireless connection has to be able to support streaming of high-definition video with up to 60 FPS.


4 – Android Auto portable for cars more “old”

Another strong point of the new features of Android Auto. For all those users with fewer cars upgraded to the level of infotainment, Google has announced the development of a smartphone app that offers all the possibilities of Android Auto. This app will turn your smartphone into a simplified version of the same for ease of use during driving, which ultimately will serve all Android users to enjoy Android Car the same way as those users that do have a system of infoentretemiento of the latest generation.

it is Only necessary to download this free app in our phone and to locate our smartphone in a visible position and we will have the Android Auto as well as in the more modern cars.

Source: Google