4 million of Skoda Fabia in the streets, the success of the Czech brand

1999. By that time, the Euro started to use in some countries of the European Union, Michael Jordan left the NBA, and SEGA was launching what would be their last console, the Dreamcast. Now, if you have entered to read this news -and you are a little smart – you will realize that this is a website of cars and that we talk about Skoda.

So it is, in 1999 began the production that would be the model of B-segment for the Czech brand, Skoda Fabia. The Fabia, the successor of the Felicia -a car that did not sell poorly in countries of Eastern Europe – has reached the figure of 4 million models produced. In addition to this great figure for a supermini, Skoda celebrated the car to 500,000 manufactured in the third generation, the current, which was introduced to the market in 2014.

unit 4 million has been a Fabia estate finished in Monte Carlo, in white. In addition, this unit is the 91.400 that Skoda has manufactured this year. Even so, we do not speak of the best-selling model of the Czech brand, since that position corresponds to the sedan of segment D, the Octavia.

“Since 1999, the utilities have been a key part of our range of models, pleasing to many customers around the world,” – said Michael Oeljeklaus, member of the board of Skoda.

The first Skoda Fabia was unveiled to the world in the Frankfurt Auto show in 1999, and introduced a version estate a year later. It would require 3 more years, in 2003, when Skoda launched the latest version sports this Fabia, the vRS, of which have been produced 1.790.000 units.

The second generation of the Fabia was introduced in 2007 at the Geneva motor show. Sales of this generation, including their versions estate, Scout, and Monte Carlo, were 1.710.000 units. Without a doubt, we like to see as the cars that define the brand, specifically this Fabia as used, for example, in rallies around the world are still growing and increasing their sales figures.

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