4 reasons why Mazda can (and should) launch an SUV-style coupe like the Koeru

at the iaa In Frankfurt will be presented officially to the Mazda Koeru, something as well as a great SUV, with features of the coupe with a more dynamic to which we have already seen in the Mazda CX-5, and also would be presented shortly after in the new generation of the Mazda CX-9. For this reason, Automotive News he would return to these days the idea of a Koeru production, something as well as a great crossover, practical, and with a sporty approach, to complete the range Mazda. Is there a site on Mazda for a new crossover?

The last prototypes of Mazda, far from being weather balloons to analyze the reaction of the critics, and potential customers, we have anticipated a final model, which has finally arrived at the dealers.

1. Because when the river sounds in Mazda, brings water. If something has proven in the last few years Mazda is that, when presenting a prototype, it is clear that this will lay the foundations of a new model that we will soon see in dealerships. Especially when presented in this way, as the Mazda Koeru, with an attractive appearance, but nothing futuristic. In fact there seems to be nothing unreasonable that the final model respect, practically without changes, or with very few developments, the aesthetics of the Koeru.

Mazda lately are not big fans of presenting prototypes to the mode of balloon catheter, to analyze the reactions of your potential customers, and critical, to assess the possibility of its launch. As a general rule their prototypes, we anticipate how it will be a production model final, in which they have worked months, or even years. And we do not believe that the Koeru going to be the exception, nor what we expect from the Mazda RX Vision, the brand new sports coupe with which came a few weeks ago to Tokyo to talk to us, again, of the rotary engine.


2. Because Mazda has the platform to do this. This year we had the opportunity to talk with Jeff Guyton, President and CEO of Mazda Europe. And as you might expect, our questions were directed specifically to solve a great doubt, what will be the next step of Mazda?

The mark of Hiroshima usually refuse any possibility of anticipating the product strategy that will continue in the coming years. We wanted to know if there will be a benchmark sports car in the Mazda, if we’ll see versions more sports, or if it will grow its range with new bodies, such as the own Koeru. Jeff so we just clarified that in the Mazda are open to all the possibilities, that are working to plan its growth on the basis of new niches, which amortized the technology and the platforms used by Mazda 2, Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 (and thus CX-3, CX-5 and CX-9), and that “will produce any model to be viable”.

The model derived from the Mazda Koeru would use much of the technology already used in the Mazda 6 and CX-5, with which it is logical to think that the accounts come out, that Mazda see viable the project, and will opt for its release.


3. Because the crossover with a focus coupé and sporty triumph. If something we have seen in the last few years, is that the SUV with approach to sports success. The best examples we have in BMW X6 and BMW X4, and how Mercedes-Benz is already doing the same with the Mercedes GLE Coupe and GLC Coupe.

According to Masamichi Kogai, President and CEO of Mazda, in a statement to Automotive News, their idea is to offer a crossover lower than the CX-9, with dimensions similar to those of the CX-5, a trunk is very spacious, a sports line, and an approach that is more typical of a model such as the Subaru Outback. Mazda wants to find the niche of this model in a space between the family, the family farm, and the SUV of compact dimensions.


4. Because Mazda needs to create a range even more passionate and aspirational. Today Mazda offers a range of technology-driven market, especially in regards to their engines. If I had to choose the range of engines for tourism of a brand, it is likely that I would stay with Mazda, and with the particularities of their engines SKYACTIV, both for diesel and gasoline.

But Mazda, beyond their technology, and the aesthetic line enforced by the renewal of your products, has to play in a ground that goes beyond the volumes that concern the car more aspirational. And it is there where the search of the niche, the family farm, with a focus on relatively sporty, you can offer the perfect scenario for a brand like Mazda to steal sales to the rivals premium, especially the germans; to enjoy significant profit margins; and, of step, to make brand image.

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