4 reasons why the Honda S2000 must return and make war, lots of war

Periodically arises a rumor that personally we like, and much, the return of Honda S2000. The latest news that points in that direction comes from United Kingdom. Coach.co.the uk pointed to a meeting of a british club of owners of the Honda S2000 that would have been some responsible of development of Honda, gathering information, questions and answers, which are likely to be the best prescribers of the S2000. Those who do not only boast of a Honda S2000 in your garage, but also are willing to profess their passion for the sports nippon to meet with other owners, spending weekends in family, enjoying the driving, and exchanging opinions. What are the 4 reasons that esgrimimos to ask you to return the Honda S2000?

1. The world needs more sporting rear-wheel-drive.

it Is true that, with the figures in hand, it is difficult to justify a brand to launch a two-seater rear-wheel-drive. Is more, if we were the directors of Honda, and recapacitásemos with the utmost coolness, I would invite you to direct your efforts in other lines. I animaríamos to further strengthen its line SUV (the recently introduced Honda HR-V), we would ask that you give do chest the next-generation Honda Civic, and we would ask you to strengthen its position in the segments A and B, with a true “Feast” (beyond Jazz, playing with the duality of utility and mini-van) and an urbanite. Movements aimed precisely to improve the numbers of a brand that, frankly, needs a push, especially in Europe.

But if you leave reason aside, and think with the heart, the best thing that we could ask Honda in these times would be a sporty rear-wheel-drive, and if possible, convertible. Even with everything said in the previous paragraph, this would not be anything outlandish. Honda is basing his strategy, at least in Europe, in the commercial power of the SUV, and in the sporty image that conveys with its sponsorship of the Formula 1 (well, maybe this year, that image has not been what they were waiting for), and the return of two emblems of the brand: NSX and Type-R. is There anything better than a sporty, relatively affordable, and rear-wheel drive, to enhance the sporty image of a brand?


2. The concept of a central motor we are passionate about.

The reason why the Honda S2000 is high-priced and is relatively hard to get, and the Mazda MX-5 are genuine bargains that are moved a lot in the market of occasion, not just respond to your original price, or the production figures of these two compatriots. The Honda S2000 is a sports cult, and it is, among other things, for having been for years one of the sport’s most agile of its class. To the point that many think that, with its withdrawal of the dealers, the market has remained to some extent an orphan.

The magazine Motor Trend said in 1999 that the Honda S2000 it was as if the engineers of the Formula 1 have been dedicated to create a sports. Honda got its dynamics, reaching a weight distribution perfect, at around 50:50. Using the traction behind it, and the engine in front, but located just behind the front axle in central position. On the rear axle could not miss a limited-slip differential limited-slip type Torsen.


3. But even more to the use of a naturally aspirated engine with the accompaniment of sushi and too much sake.

Another of the aspects that has made the Honda S2000 a sports worship has been the presence of a engine of 2 liters (hence the name S2000), able to cut around 9000 rpm. The Honda S2000 was a sporty old-fashioned, with one of the engines, atmospheric four-cylinder more beasts that have existed, and at the level of other distinguished japanese, as the rotary Mazda, or the 2JZ-GTE from Toyota. With a motor of these characteristics, you can imagine what it means to play with a S2000 in the most fun of your revs, in the high zone.

We fear very much that today this feature would be difficult to fit (if you don’t tell that to Toyota GT 86 and Subaru BRZ, with its boxer four-cylinder maximum power). Perhaps they had just preferring the turbocharged engine of the new Civic Type-R, or even hybrid solutions. Which would be a shame, but the solution is more in line with what is asked for in the market.


4. Because Honda needs a sport that is not a unicorn.

I’m very Much afraid that crossing with a Honda NSX when we go to make the purchase, or home to work, will be the equivalent of finding a unicorn waiting at a traffic light. The new NSX will be a sporty high-flying, technology, exciting, but also strange to see. The image of a Civic Type-R, expect it to be more everyday. But that’s precisely why Honda needs a sporty as the S2000, more affordable, enough so that many can consider your purchase, and to generate marital problems, in the moment in which we realize that the price of a two-seater so special is placed around a SUV compact well-equipped. With that letter of introduction, who would not arise to the S2000 as a second car at home, to the crisis of the 50, the 40, the 30, or 25!?

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