4 reasons why the Sportback, a Audi TT 4-door, it makes sense

have We all gone mad? It seems to be. On a day that we have seen how Volkswagen will dare, even, to transform in crossover to the Beetle (see new Volkswagen Beetle Dune, 2016). In a time in which any model is susceptible to be transformed into a SUV, the utility of fashion. And in a time that any coupe is susceptible of being transformed into a 4-door, and any sedan that is susceptible of being transformed into a sort of coupe, outstanding as tourism aspirational fashion, it is essential that talk about the Audi TT Sportback. And that is, as they say bad, or good languages, the Audi TT Sportback will be presented in a few days in the Hall of Guangzhou, China.

The premium manufacturers have been found in SUV stylish coupe, and hatchback 4-door with coupe styling, a niche that is susceptible of growth. Between that, and the economy of scale (reusing developments of other models), these niches are a cost-effective option.

1. Because any niche that can be covered, has to be covered. The growth margin of some manufacturers will acotándose increasingly. It is increasingly difficult to find a category that has not been previously covered. The locomotive of the growth of countries such as China seems to subside. And meanwhile, the premium brands they advocate increasingly for products that can make customers of traditional brand general like to a premium and niche products, so peculiar, so specific, that your competition is really limited.

In that search for the niche product, brands such as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, are finding a small escape route in two styles very specific: the SUV with the spirit of a coupé, and the so-called “coupes, four-door”, like the one that occupied us in these moments.


2. Because Audi needs to cover an important niche that the A3 Sedan had not covered. While Mercedes-Benz opted directly for justify to invest more than 30,000€ in a Mercedes Class A with three bodies made sense, especially by their form distinguish you as a great design exercise, the Audi may be found in a cul-de-sac with your A3 Sedan. This Audi A3 of three bodies has not been able to convince us in what design is concerned, although it seems an excellent bet, by how practical it is, and for being very reasonable in economic terms. The problem is that the closeness with the Audi A4, either in price, or format, is still very high.

The fact that Audi would not have opted for the sports line and coupes of the Mercedes CLA in his Audi A3 Sedan could only respond to that Audi keep an ace in the sleeve. And that ace is called Audi TT.


3. Because now, more than ever, need to print emotion. Audi, as the Volkswagen Group in all its extension, is going through a time really complicated. Beyond the complex and expensive solution that will require your problem with the TDI, Audi is facing a loss of trust and image among its customers. Audi needs to re-captivate their buyers and – for ordinary it may seem – that your buyers can continue showing off the car to friends, family, and friends. That aspect, which again seems to us to be somewhat ordinary, it is a good reflection of the image that the client has, and the potential customer, a brand. And risk with different products, such as this Audi TT Sportback can be a good solution.

as well As what is the particular “revolution” of the “turbos” electric announced yesterday Audi.


4. For China, simply. The mere fact of transforming an Audi TT in a sort of sedan-coupe, adding two doors, can help Audi to boost its growth in certain markets, such as China. In fact, it is expected that the asian giant is one of the markets favourite of this model, which would explain their presentation in a car show locally, and which could even lead to the German brand to produce it (for the local market) in China.

In any event, the Audi TT Sportback might well be a product that fits well in Europe, or in markets in which it is so important that Audi look for alternative ways to ensure its growth, as the united States.


If it is to meet the forecasts, and the advance information by Car News China, the Audi TT Sportback could be presented in Guangzhou in the coming days.

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